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Warbricks featured on the CabbageFace Bricks Livestream

On December 6, 2022, Warbricks USA was featured as a guest on the CabbageFace Bricks YouTube channel.

CabbageFace Bricks is a UK based YouTube channel focused on the Polish made COBI Blocks brand of military bricks.

The program was live streamed and Warbricks was represented by Will (Warbricks owners husband) and Daniel (13 years old and an co-owner) Learn more about the team here.

Also in attendance were Brick Mcbricksworth, Solo the Brick Builder, Boom Bricks & Raz Reviews who are co-hosts of the program.

Topics discussed were the new 1/35th COBI tanks such as the new COBI M1A2 Abrams, FAMO, COBI Cromwell and the new COB Mosquito as well as many other sets……

Will & Daniel from Warbricks USA answered questions about how we got started and some of our priorities.

An interesting topic also discussed was the potential for COBI Sci-Fi movie licenses and new civilian sets.

Finally, there was a discussion about purchasing COBI in the USA and ongoing internal discussions as to whether or not Warbricks will expand to serve the European and UK market in response to sellers targeting the USA.

Watch the video and don’t forget to like and subscribe to CabbageFace Bricks!

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