COBI Blocks F35B Stop Motion Video

COBI Blocks F35B Stop Motion Video

Pbricks, just published a detailed stop motion build of the new COBI Blocks F35B set.

The COBI F35B stop motion video is super detailed and shows literally every step of the build process.

It’s is really impressive how anyone would take the time to do detailed COBI stop motion builds like this one. The sheer patience must be mind blowing lol.

Full disclosure, we have sponsored Pbricks in order to make this video a reality.

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Check out the full video below:

Pbricks COBI BLOCKS F35B Stop motion video.

About COBI Blocks:

Are you new to COBI Block Sets? We have a great COBI vs Lego post here.

Long and short, COBI Blocks, like the F-35B, are made in Poland (Europe) utilizing the same materials that Lego uses to make their non military block kits. Lego doesn’t make military bricks (read virtue signaling) and that left a niche that COBI has filled. It also allowed Warbricks USA an opportunity to offer a unique military block line of lego compatible bricks.

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