About COBI Bricks

About COBI Bricks

We were a little apprehensive when we bought our first Cobi set, (M5 Stewart Tank).  We have all experienced the poor quality that is typically associated with anything but LEGO and so, like you we started doing our homework.

The first thing you should know are that Cobi brick sets are TOP QUALITY! In fact, in some cases they have higher quality parts then those found in the “other brands” sets.   What we recommend is that you try a small set like we did to test the water! You won’t be disappointed. You can read our COBI vs LEGO article here.

Additionally, as we stated above, Cobi parts work with LEGO.  You should not read this to be “knock off” as every Cobi set features unique parts that we guarantee your child or the most esteemed COBI Collector will appreciate.  This unique approach requires imagination and makes each set more realistic.  

About Cobi SA 

Cobi S.A was founded in 1987, in Warsaw, Poland (Part of the European Union) and started out making board games and puzzles.  In 1992, Cobi established a production line of plastic construction blocks.  In the same year, a mould factory was opened under the name “Colbert”.  

Due to growing demand and popularity, Cobi quickly implemented a dynamic development program establishing new models and production techniques at their new (1997) factory in South Poland.  The factory was opened under the name COBI S.A. and was built in Mielec Poland in a Special Economic Zone.

In 2001, Cobi, opened two new offices! One each in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

2010 saw remarkable growth for Cobi and they finished an expansion of the Mielec factory.  2011 saw additional demand for Cobi block sets and by 2011, production at the facility was barely keeping up with demand.

Today, Cobi is the biggest manufacture of construction blocks in Central and Eastern Europe, with sales offices in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and a sales network in over 60 countries worldwide.

Cobi manufactures their building blocks entirely in house in Mielec Poland.  Sets typically start with an idea which then transforms into moulds, production and then sales. thanks to their in house design and manufacturing process, Cobi is able to offer their customers high quality products made of select EU originated materials that are certified by EU laboratories.  Additionally, rigid quality and security controls result in short production nd delivery lead times.

The high quality of Cobi toys was resulted in licenseing agreements with Vodafone, McLaren and Mercedes  The success of their first licensed line triggered work on other licensed collections. Presently, COBI offers the Jeep collection of historical Willys (licensor Chrysler Group LLC, the line was launched in 2009), Renault F1 team (licensor Renault, the collection was launched in 2010), Boeing famous Dreamliner Boeing-787 and Boeing-767 (licensor Boeing Management Company, the product was launched in 2010) and McLaren F1 line which we are carrying till now. This year we have started production of Doctor Who licensed series for Character Option Ltd.  Additionally, Cobi is in the process of licensing rights to produce scale models of the famous aircraft from the new Top Gun Maverick Movie.


The COBI “Smiling Sun” goal is to see children’s faces beaming with joy and happiness. They do their best to ensure colorful and happy childhood and lay the foundations for successful and creative adult lives.

Warbricks USA Mission:

With all the above being said, we believe that you will absolutely love COBI building bricks and we encourage you to give them a try. We started Warbricks because we believed in the product ourselves and you can read more about our homeschool business model here.

Have experience with COBI Bricks? answer up in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “About COBI Bricks”

  1. Hi, I’m interested in COBI Brand products. I just would like to find out is the product manufacturing in China as I saw there is a flagship store selling COBI products @ taobao.com.

  2. Raymond, thanks for reaching out. No, COBI bricks are made in Poland, EU. To our knowledge there is no Manufacturing in China. It would most likely be a huge mistake if they did. All our sets display the made in EU seal.

  3. Hello COBI,

    Of all of the brick-based kits I’ve seen, your aircraft are by far the best looking. I’m curious as to whether you have plans to offer a kit of the Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle, which is the 2-seater version of the F15 Eagle.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    1. Bruce,
      Thanks for asking. We have not heard anything from COBI regarding a strike eagle but we totally agree with you that it would be a great set. Thanks for checking in!

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