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Warbricks.com is a family affair!

Warbricks.com was started as a homeschool project in March of 2020!  We wanted our children to experience all aspects of business and provide them with the skills to be successful in life.

We really were not prepared for the business to be so successful as it has grown exponentially since 2020. But we kept plugging along and now life changes are making Warbricks USA more relevant than ever.

Since starting, the business has been run by myself (Karine) and my three children. Dad (William) was a full time law enforcement professional, so he was supportive but not a member of the business. In September of 2021, William was medically removed due to health issues sustained while working .

As you can imagine, our little homeschool project has now become our sole income!

Now more than ever we appreciate your support by choosing warbricks.com

Where We Are Located:

We are located in beautiful Billings, Montana USA and we are focused on the Cobi brand of high quality made in Europe military Bricks (learn more here) and the CaDAfi Brand of bricks.  Our children fell in love with Cobi tanks and aircraft sets in late 2019 and that is what inspired us to go out on a limb and see if we could build a business as a homeschool project.  

Come visit us (By appointment as we are not always at the warehouse) and get your hands on some of our awesome lego compatible bricks.

Visit us at 8122 Stillwater Dr Unit 7B Billings, MT

The Warbricks family team consists of:

Karine (Mom)

David (14 years old)

Daniel (13 years old)

Emilie (10 years Old)

Will (Dad) Dave was medically retired from law enforcement and helps with the website and social media.

The children participate in all the major activities surrounding the business including:

  • Building product pages
  • Creating marketing images
  • Shipping
  • Managing inventory
  • Accounting and finance (the kids get paid ;))

When you purchase a COBI set from Warbricks you are helping us teach the next generation the benefits of having a strong work ethic and the joy of putting smiles on happy customers faces. You are also helping us survive after William was medically let go from the Border Patrol.

We appreciate you checking out our site and we hope you love the Cobi line of military bricks!  If you need any assistance please feel free to use our contact us page here. Please remember that we may be busy with school or life but we will respond when we can.

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