CaDA Military sets feature a wide variety of tanks, aircraft and more. CaDA military sets feature excellent detail while also allowing for cool remote control features. Shipped from our USA family run business.

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  • CaDA Panther Tank (C61073W)

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    The CaDA Panther Tank (C61073W) is a 1/35th scale, Lego and COBI compatible brick tank that features amazing details that will be appreciated by our brick tank collectors. In addition to its detail, the CaDA Panther Tank is also remote control which is amazing seeing CaDA didn’t sacrifice the details to implement the included power functions and remote.


  • CaDA 1:8 Scale Remote Control HUMVEE (C61036W)

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    CaDA 1:8 Scale Remote Control HUMVEE (C61036W) is a highly detailed 1:8 scale model featuring independent suspension, four-wheel drive, a simulated engine design, and remote control functions, providing endless possibilities for customization and imaginative play. (Includes Power Functions)


  • CaDA Tiltrotor Aircraft (C61076W)

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  • CaDA T90 Main Battle Tank (C61003W)

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    The CaDA T90 Main Battle Tank is a 1:20th scale, Lego/Technic compatible Russian tank set.  The set is essentially a 2in1 as you can build it with a detailed interior or with the separately purchased CaDA Power Functions (see bellow for a list of which power functions are required).

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