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CaDA Tiltrotor Aircraft (C61076W)


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CaDA Tiltrotor Aircraft (C61076W)

The CaDA Tiltrotor Aircraft (C61076W) is part of CaDA’s motorized military series of aircraft. The CaDA Tiltrotor features motorized/manual operation of the rotors, wheels and cargo doors. The set is appropriate for both youth and adult collectors.

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CaDA C61076W Tiltrotor Aircraft references a real-life multi-role military aircraft, set With manual and electric remote control functions, the propeller and engine rotation can be controlled, while the hatch can be pushed open. Enjoy realistic flight experiences with this model.

Manual and Electric Remote Control Functions: With both manual and electric remote control functions, this set offers a range of options for controlling the aircraft’s movements and actions.

Realistic Propeller and Engine Rotation: The propeller and engine rotation can be easily controlled, allowing you to simulate realistic flight experiences.

Push-Open Hatch: The left and right hatch can be manually pushed open, giving you access to the aircraft’s interior.

Electric Remote Control Gear: The electric remote control function offers three functional gears that control the aircraft’s propeller rotation, propeller engine rotation, and forward/backward movements.

Steering Control: The set also includes left and right steering controls, making it easy to navigate and maneuver the aircraft in any direction.

the following parts are included in the motorized version of this set:



Model Number.: C61076W

Difficulty: Medium

Pieces: 1424

Product Size: L53.2-W69.8-H27.8cm

Color Box Measure: L42-W9-H34cm


When you order from Warbricks you avoid customs and importation from overseas shipping. We are an official USA CaDA dealer and handle all the proper import procedures and shipping wait times. Your order will ship from our Montana USA shop.


CaDA Remote Control Tiltrotor (Includes Power Functions), CaDA Tiltrotor C61076W (No Power Functions)


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