COBi Announces Top Gun F-14 Set and More

COBi Announces Top Gun F-14 Set and More

COBi Announces Top Gun F-14 Set and More

Yesterday COBI announced their prototype COBI Top Gun F-14 Set (5811) along with a number of other really neat COBI tanks and vehicles.  read on below to see what was released and don’t forget that we have the product pages available with the email waitlist feature enabled.

COBI Top Gun Movie F-14:

Yesterday an image was released from @brick_news13 on Instagram that showed the prototype of the new COBI 5811 Top Gun F-14 Set  and a number of other new sets as well.  Now we did know that COBI had secured the rights to the original movie but we had not been cleared to share it, so with the release of the image it’s good to go and boy are people happy about it!  How many young boys watched that film and just wished they could build a LEGO of it?  Another interesting thing to note was the inclusion of Northrup Grumman branding on the image.  Now this is really important because COBI is a legitimate company that doesn’t steal other brands intellectual property.  Licensing therefore is a top priority and maybe some of your dream sets are being held back due to some of these challenges… for thought. Don’t forget to check out the new TOP Gun Maverick Sets that are currently available!

Check out the COBI F-14 product page here and join the Waitlist.

COBI Sherman M4A3E2 Jumbo Set (2550)

COBI also announced their new COBI Sherman M4A3E2 “Jumbo” set. this is a historical tank and appears to be as feature rich as the COBI Sherman Easy Eight Set.  It features new track wheels and a display placard which is really nice as COBI tanks usually stay assembled due to how cool they are (ours do at least and we have an 8 year old on the team)

Check out the COBI Jumbo tank page here.

Moving on……

COBI Dodge WC54 Ambulance (2549)

Another new set announced was the COBI Dodge WC54 Ambulance (2549). Not a lot is known about it currently but it definitely looks like it will be pad printed (we hate stickers) and like all COBI vehicles, its going to be a smooth running truck!  It probably would look great on a shelf next to the COBI Maultier Ambulance.

Check out the COBI Dodge Ambulance page here.

COBI RMS Titanic Set (2021)

COBI announced a new more detailed but affordable 700 piece RMS titanic set. This will replaces the current entry level set (we still have a couple that need to be adopted here). On that note, both Titanic sets are being phased out and replaced so if you are a collector now is the time to strike and grab the current sets.  The same applies to the COBI Graf Zeppelin Carrier.

Check out the COBI Titanic Page here.

We are still not finished with New COBI tanks so keep reading!

COBI TOG II Heavy Tank

This was one of the first sets announced yesterday! the COBI TOG II Heavy Tank is a replica of a one off prototype British tank from World War II. The tank still exists today in a museum int he UK. This set will have some detailed engine compartments and looks really big! All pad printed as well.

Check out the COBI TOG II tank page here.


We do not know a lot of information on this set but it definitely looks interesting. The COBI Flakpanzer is an anti aircraft battery and will mostly likely be on every collector’s shelf!

Check out the COBI Flakpanzer product page here.

COBI AU-1 Corsair Set (2415)

The new COBI AU-1 Corsair set was announced previously but yesterday we received an updated image for it! You can still get the COBI F4U Corsair before Christmas here.

Wrap Up……

The Kids have been very busy adding sets to the website and we are at over 150 product pages deep at this point. It’s very challenging work but it is teaching life skills and all your orders and positive product reviews have been encouraging.  We will continue to add existing sets and these new ones as we progress into the new year so keep letting us know what you ant to see.

We also have a large shipment coming in that will see some of your Tiger I pre orders shipping along with many others. The new Kingtiger will be on the next shipment!

Have a great Day!

The Warbricks Team

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