Cobi Top Gun Series Sets Available in The USA

Cobi Top Gun Series Sets Available in The USA

Cobi Top Gun Series Sets Available in The USA

The long wait for the Cobi Top Gun series is finally over!  We have been ordering as many of the new Cobi Top Gun F-18 Limited Edition and the Cobi Red Tail P-51 Mustang sets.  Let’s not forget that while not as colorful, the standard edition Cobi F18 is really cool as well! We know because we have already built one!!

As a small USA Cobi re-seller, we try to carry as many of the new and upcoming sets like these Cobi Top Gun Series and the way we finance it is through pre-orders.  We really appreciate all your support with pre-orders and we think it adds a value to our customers as well.

So, now that the Cobi Top Gun Series is here what else is coming?

For those of you that love Cobi aircraft, we have the Cobi AV8 Jump Jet, Cobi F-15 Eagle and of course the new Cobi Chinook and Apache helicopters!

If you are into tanks we have the new Cobi Konigstiger and Tiger 1 which will blow you away with the awesome details!

And finally, the Cobi ship collection! We know that Cobi Ships are a big part of our sales and we continue to add new sets as they are announced.  The Cobi Scharnhorst will be arriving this coming week and there is still time to pre-order it here.  There will also be a new Trirpitz and some other sets coming.  The Cobi Bismarck has been a big seller as well as the USS Enterprise and Graph Zeppelin.

So, we hope you enjoyed this quick update of new Cobi sets and don’t forget we will match Amazon’s prices as well as add sets if requested here.

Thanks for all the support!

  • The Warbricks Team


PS: Don’t forget to check out our other blog post on the differences and similarities between Lego and Cobi blocks here

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