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New COBI King Tiger II Announced Along With Other Sets

New COBI King Tiger II Announced Along With Other Sets

On Friday May 22nd COBI announced a handful of new COBI tank and COBI helicopter sets!  The big news was the new COBI CH-47 Chinook helicopter set  followed by the New COBI AH64 Apache and King Tiger II PzKpfw VI sets.  The news was broken via their English language live feed on Youtube (embedded below).

The COBI Chinook Set (join the waitlist here) is probably on the top of our list as it has a working wench and we are hoping that the center of the helicopter is open for placing mini figs and vehicles.  It goes without paying that we are holding out for a working ramp as well. Lets see what happens!  It appears from the image that the pilots will be waist up only which indicates the cockpit isn’t going to be as detailed as the COBI Huey set.

The COBI Apache Helicopter set appears to be very detailed as well, and will probably be perfect for both playing and collecting.  According to COBI, the final details of the set will be much better than the digital renders and we are super excited about the Apache set.

Additionally, COBI, via their live youtube feed in English, announced both a new version of the German SD KFZ 2 Kettenkrad (half track motorcycle with trailer) and an additional COBI Panzer III KPFW AUSF model set in 1:48 Scale.

According to COBI, the 1:48 scale lineup will be geared less towards collectors and more towards smaller children.  We think this is brilliant as COBI sets tend to be really detailed and might be a bit much for a budding lego builder.  Its clear that COBI still plans to satisfy the collectors with awesome display models like the new COBI King Tiger II and COBI Apache helicopters.

Which sets are you looking forward to? We are definitely looking forward to both COBI Chinook and Apache as we have already built the COBI Vietnam Huey model and it was epic!  The rotors spin in the wind outside and the whole warbricks team has been playing with it. In fact it’s probably going to end up in our upcoming short stories as well.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the news and we encourage you to check out our new COBI fan community located at Its easy and free to sign up for and we want it to be a place where you can share and discuss COBI brick news in a family friendly environment! Check it out.  Also, We will be adding the new COBI sets to the store so be sure to bookmark this link so you can get on the waitlist.  We usually allow pre-orders for USA customers a few weeks before the inventory is due to drop!


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