Warbricks May 2021 COBI Pre-Orders

Warbricks May 2021 COBI Pre-Orders

Wow, it’s already May 2021! First, we would like to apologize for missing the April newsletter, between homeschooling, life and all your orders we were pretty busy!

So, for May we have some really cool COBI pre-orders so lets get started. Please remember that ship dates are based off of what we are told from COBI and frequently change by a few weeks or more. See all the in stock sets and pre-orders here.

May 21 COBI Ship Pre-orders”

The COBI 2238 MKII Patrol Boat from the Vietnam series is finally available to pre-Order! This set contains 615 parts and 4 mini-figures and is in COBI’s new focus category of 1:35 scale.

Pre Order it here by following this link.

May 21 COBI Aircraft Pre-orders:

The New COBI 2415 AU-1 Corsair from COBI’s new Korean War series is the first in what hopefully becomes many Korean War sets. The COBI AU-I Corsair is bristling with rockets and bombs and will replace the prior WWII version that was a big hit. This version comes with 330 parts and one mini fig. It is still in the 1:48 scale and we are curious to see if it makes an appearance int he 1:35 scale??? Pre-order the new COBI AU-I Corsair set here.

May 21 COBI Tank Pre-Orders:

The COBI Panzer IV AUSF G is finally ready to be pre-ordered and we think this set will be a great addition to what has been an awesome Afrika Korps series from COBI. The set comes with 2 mini figs and 559 parts. Pre Order the Panzer IV DAKA here.

The COBI 1:48 scale tank series has been a great hit and if you haven’t grabbed one of these little guys then you are missing out. We are seeing a number of new sets this month that look to be re-worked versions of the now canceled World of Tanks series (trust us its gone…..unless COBI changes it’s mind). The COBI 2706 T-34/76 is a 2 in 1 set with multiple pad printed brick options.

The set comes with 270 parts and is definitely in the “cute” category so you should definitely grab one on this pre-order :). Pre-order yours today here.

Continuing on the COBI 1:48 Scale theme….. The COBI Panzer III AUSF E is much more detailed than the now discontinued WOT version we had before. This Panzer set has 290 Bricks and is a must have for any COBI Collection. Pre Order it here and get it first!

Another discontinued World of Tanks set makes a comeback with more detail and a slightly different turret. The New COBI 1:48 scale A22 Churchill MK II Tanks is ready to take on those Panzers! Who wants to see a 1/35th scale version of this bad boy? The 1/48 scale Churchill features 301 parts and makes a great stocking stuffer size 😉 Pre-order it here!

May 21 COBI Figure Pre-orders:

Well it looks like the Afrika Korps series keeps on going with a new figure set (we still have lots of the prior set here). This particular figure set comes with a couple of angry looking 1st infantry German soldiers that are in sore need of a razor. But who needs a razor when you are looking cool with a pair of COBI’s new sunglasses! Pre-order the new Afrika Korps set here.

Wrap Up:

So, that pretty much wraps up the May Pre-orders! We truly appreciate all our great customers and we apologize for not getting an April newsletter out. The main attractions were the new Top Gun F-14 (shipping next week hopefully) and the new Mercedes G4 Sedan.

Thanks again for all the support!

The Warbricks USA Team.

3 thoughts on “Warbricks May 2021 COBI Pre-Orders”

  1. Hi, ordered a Cobi Mustang, which was expected “End of May”, but have gotten no word yet. Can you help find out what the new ETA for that set is?

    1. Hiro,
      We make sets available when Cobi tells us that they are approximately a month out. The sets arrive from Europe and we ship them out as fast as we can once they arrive. We are always happy to refund and cancel but we appreciate if you do that via email. The set will hopefully be arriving soon.

  2. Thanks… We want the set! (It’s a gift for my older son from his younger brother buying it with his own money… so it’s kind of important to them). Hopefully soon!

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