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COBI Ghost of Kiev Charity Update

COBI Ghost of Kiev Charity Update

Well, it is October of 2022, and finally time to make an announcement regarding the COBI Ghost of Kiev Charity donation that we, and you…our customers, made in support of Ukraine.

The charity we chose is a small Polish non-profit organization called “Fundacja Opoka” translated Bedrock Foundation. This organization provides support for Ukraine via providing hand made quilts and other greatly needed supplies. The organization utilizes a network of vetted individuals to make sure the aid is delivered to the actual people in need and not syphoned off by corruption or criminals.

The organization doesn’t have a webpage but you can track the organization’s efforts via the Quilted Twins Blog here. They provide weekly updates on their efforts. Here is a great post from September 27th that shows the scale of the support.

We learned of this organization via a missionary family acquaintance and eventually made our first donation of $2,655.50 in September 9, of 2022. Donating to the organization is rather complicated seeing it is a Polish organization and we took great care to make sure the money was not sent to a front organization.

Eventually, we discovered that the organization could be supported through International Baptist Missions with a simple note on the check for Mike and Becky Peterson for Fundacja pooka and have since confirmed that the donation arrived.

The Petersons have established a church on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland. Mike also teaches pastors from Ukraine as well as church leaders from numerous restricted access countries.

We believe it is important to be transparent regarding the actual distribution of funds seeing our COBI Ghost of Keiv customers had such a big impact and deserve to know exactly how their purchase is having an impact on Ukraine’s fight for survival.

COBI Ghost of Kiev Mig 29 Sold to Date

Over 100 sets sold to date

Total $ Donated for Charity

To date we have donated $2,655.50

  • On September 9, 2022 we made a donation of 2,655.50 to Fundacja Opoka.

How did we determine how much to donate?

Determining the amount per set was a rather complicated process of calculating the following:

  • Cost of the set from COBI
  • Cost of shipping
  • Cost of Magnets
  • Cost of Packing Materials
  • Coupons used etc.

How You Can Help:

Purchase a Ghost of Kiev Set

We are very grateful to our customers who have supported this effort and the donation truly is from you! We are continuing to sell the Ghost of Kiev Mig 29 set and are still tracking the sales for future donations.

COBI Ghost of Kyiv Mig 29 Fulcrum Set

If you would like to partner with us, please feel free to purchase the Ghost of Kiev set or you can go to International Baptist Missions with a simple note on the check for Mike and Becky Peterson for Fundacja Pooka. You can also donate electronically via their website here.

Support Fundacja Pooka via International Baptist Missions

Share this post with family and friends

Sharing this posts or information regarding Fundacja Opoka/International Baptist Missions is a great way to support the mission!

Support Ukraine Via the COBI Mig 29 Ghost of Kiev Set

By purchasing a COBI Ghost of Keiv set, you are helping a small organization provide much needed blankets and food to both Ukrainian refugees in Poland and cross border support to Ukraine as well. As you know Russia is targeting Ukraine’s utility infrastructure in order to cut off electricity and heat this winter. These supplies will definitely help. Thanks to all the Warbricks USA customers who have already supported the cause.

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