Warbricks March 2021 COBI Pre-orders

Warbricks March 2021 COBI Pre-orders

Warbricks March 2021 COBI Pre-orders

It’s March and it is time to announce some COBI pre order sets that are due to ship by month’s end or early April.

Don’t forget that sometimes sets arrive in a week or two later than expected so take the dates with a  “grain of salt”. You can read our understanding pre-orders page here if you are curious on how we do it.

So first things first! We made a mistake last month and opened up pre-orders for the COBI Titanic Executive Edition (1928) which is actually coming in late March/ Early April now. However, the COBI Titanic (1929) is arriving hopefully this week and you can get it here. Confused about the different COBI Titanic models? We were so we figured it out and wrote a blog post to help clear things up.

While we are on the topic of COBI Ships……….

The COBI HMS Belfast Light Cruiser is available for late March/ Early April Delivery to USA customers. the HMS Belfast brick set features 1,480 lego compatible brick parts and ships free! Pre-order here.

COBI Vehicle Pre-Orders:

The COBI 1938 Mercedes 770 Staff car will ship late March/Early April and includes a generic German military officer. Both Mercedes staff cars are on the product list sent by COBI today and that is after they canceled the limited editions which featured historical german figures that raised some eyebrows.  The COBI 770 Staff Car will have 255 pieces and you can pre-order it here.

COBI 1:48 Scale Tanks:

There are two new COBI 1:48 Scale tanks coming late March/ Early April. The first is the German Panzer V Panther in desert colored bricks and sporting 294 pieces. Pre-order it here.

The second set is a new COBI 1:48 Scale M4A3E8 SHERMAN (EASY EIGHT) with 316 pieces. Pre-order here.

COBI Aircraft Pre-orders!

COBI has released an updated version their BF-110 fighter plane and it has a new color scheme and pad printed parts! It comes with a display stand and two mini figures. Pre Order it here

So, that’s pretty much it for March! Aside from the fact that it’s our 1 year anniversary! Thanks so much for the support over the past year and we plan on drafting up a post outlining how our little homeschool project has progressed with all of your support of course!

Profound thanks,

The Warbricks team

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