COBI Bricks USA Store Options For USA Collectors

Are you looking for the best place to purchase from a COBI Bricks USA shop? Well, look no further as we have an extensive list of COBI Bricks Stores in the USA, and yes we sell them as well but keep reading below to see all the COBI USA shopping options you have!

If you are new to collecting COBI Sets and are located in the USA then you have a lot of options for ordering online and even purchasing in person depending on your geographical location.

So, if you are searching for COBI aircraft, ships, tanks and more in the USA, check out the list of best USA COBI Stores below.

Also read our COBI vs Lego blog post here. (Billings, Montana), you guessed it, we definitely believe we offer Collectors in the USA a great resource for sourcing non-limited edition COBI sets and our catalog contains almost every set COBI makes including trains, licensed Maserati cars and even the new 1/72 scale micro tanks.

Here are some reasons to choose as your USA COBI store!

  • Very competitive pricing on all sets.
  • Fast Free shipping at $50. Warbricks offers both priority mail and standard free shipping. Orders are typically shipped on the same or following day from when they arrived. Warbricks is a Family owned and operated small business and the children are actually owners of the business. You will frequently receive hand written thank you notes on your packing slip.
  • Customer service is a priority.
  • Warbricks typically ships faster than Amazon for in stock sets
  • Warbricks is easy to contact simply by emailing or calling/texting the owners at 406-413-0269
  • Warbricks offers pre-orders for almost all new COBI sets and frequently discounts the pre-order price of new sets. You can also bundle pre-order items with in stock sets.
  • Warbricks carries other non European brands other than COBI however they are separated so shopping for COBI sets is easily done without having to sort through other brands.
  • Warbricks has a physical showroom located on the West End of Billings, MT.
  • Warbricks offers a 5% off discount for reviews regardless of the star rating.
  • Product reviews are 100% real and not paid for or manipulated.

Downsides to Ordering COBI Sets from

  • Warbricks is located in Billings, Montana so pre-orders take slightly longer to arrive and ship seeing the COBI warehouse is located in Tennessee. We are very fast for West coast orders for obvious reasons.
  • Due to free shipping options, Warbricks shipping box quality varies.
  • Sometimes orders are shipped in COBI bulk cartons which have COBI markings on them.
  • Missing pieces are handled for free by COBI via this link which takes approximately 2 weeks to receive.
  • No loyalty program (Tennessee) is another great COBI Bricks USA Store. Like, they are a small family owned and operated business and we always suggest customers check them out if we are not able to assist them. Military bricks carries only COBI sets and offers fast shipping in branded boxes.

Here are some reasons to choose Military Bricks as your USA COBI Store!

  • Fast shipping using double walled boxes
  • Free shipping at $75.
  • Family owned and operated so customer service is very good.
  • Military bricks offers pre-orders with discounts and in some cases they ship a few days faster than due to being located closer to the COBI warehouse.
  • Military Bricks offers free COBI missing part replacement.
  • Military Bricks has a “Brick Bucks” program with ranking based off purchases.
  • Product reviews are organic and not paid for etc.

Downsides to ordering from Military Bricks.

  • Shipping cost/prices can be higher due to Free shipping starting at $75 and shipping box quality.
  • Only popular COBI sets in the USA are part of the catalog.
  • No showroom or physical location to view or pick up your sets.
  • All shipping boxes have Military bricks branding on them which may or may not be an issue.
  • Like Warbricks, Military Bricks is not able to source COBI Limited Edition sets.
  • No discount coupon for reviews (brick bucks program rewards) (Florida with Warehouse in Tennessee) started out as a small business and ended up being purchased by COBI. It is now the official COBI USA Store and offers the full catalog of COBI sets including Limited Edition COBI Sets in small numbers. Interestingly enough, COBI also ships to the USA from their European website which charges for shipping to the USA.

Reasons to choose in the USA.

  • Full line of COBI sets including Limited Edition COBI Sets.
  • Unknown customer service as its corporate based
  • Offers free shipping at $50 and 10% off orders of larger value
  • Located on the East Coast in Tennessee for fast shipping.

Downsides to ordering from

  • Full retail price on many COBI sets
  • Sets are drop shipped by a warehouse third party
  • Shipping boxes vary in quality
  • Corporate website that directly competes with their dealers
  • No retail location
  • Not clearly identified as the official COBI site which can confuse some USA COBI customers.
  • No Pre-orders of new COBI sets.
  • No loyalty program
  • Unknown if you receive a discount for leaving a review.

Amazon (Nationwide)

Amazon is arguably one of the most popular COBI Bricks USA Store. However you have to be very careful ordering as there are many non USA sellers and you may be responsible for customs import fees and other delays. In general though, you can purchase COBI from Amazon.

Reasons to Choose Amazon for your USA COBI Needs:

  • Fast prime shipping (if the seller is in the USA)
  • Comes in a non discreet Amazon box (Amazon has been known to just slap a label on COBI display boxes so be careful
  • Amazon prime benefits in General

Downsides to purchasing COBI bricks from Amazon in the USA.

  • Dealing with a large corporate entity
  • Sometimes boxes arrive with a label on them instead of a shipping box.
  • You have to carefully read who you are purchasing from to make sure it is a USA store not a European store.
  • Limited selection of COBI sets and no limited edition sets
  • Customer service is handled by employees instead of the owners
  • No Pre orders of new COBI sets.
  • Delays in receiving new COBI sets.
  • No discount for leaving a review

Walmart (Online Nationwide)

Walmart has a similar online selection to Amazon and third party sellers are able to sell on Walmarts site.

Reasons to Purchase COBI from Walmart in the USA

  • Large selection as they are one of the largest COBI retailers in the USA.
  • All the benefits of purchasing from a large corporate operation.
  • Shipping speed depending on how close you are to a distribution center.

Downsides to Purchasing COBI Sets From Walmart.

  • Customer service mishandled by employees or AI and not by the owners.
  • No pre-orders of new cobi sets
  • No limited Edition COBI sets
  • Delays in receiving new COBI Sets
  • No discount for leaving a review

So, there you have the top COBI sets in the USA! there are obviously more companies out there that sell COBI in the USA but we wanted to focus on the main players and outline some benefits and downsides so you can make an informed choice. Obviously feel free to follow the links to any of the retailers and remember that we offer a huge selection of COBI sets in the USA right here at! Shop all our in stock sets today and give us a chance to be your COBI Bricks USA Store!

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