Understanding COBI Trains in 1-35 Scale

Understanding COBI Trains in 1:35 Scale

Recently, COB SA (Poland) announced four new 1:35 Scale brick train models (See the new COBI products here). The announcement was made while at the 2023 Nuremberg Toy Fair and a full, pre-production model COBI DRM Class 52 Steam Locomotive was on display.

The announcement of COBI trains should not come as a surprise, as COBI’s main public figure, Artur, frequently displayed various COBI train MOCs (my own construction), while hosting the official COBI news live stream.

It starts at the 10 minute mark and the trains start after the 20 minute mark after Artur talks about new COBI socks.

COBI Blocks first brick train set was released in 2022 as a Dovregubben 49C Steam Locomotive (1331) that quite frankly was a little “cringe” with split wheels being rather ugly with red rubber road wheel outers. The set was also only offered through a European museum and overall wasn’t exactly a good example of what was inevitably coming in February or 2023.

Fast forward to today, and we finally have a COBI train product, or four, to compare against LEGO trains.

The new for 2023 COBI trains are all based on the German DRB Class 52 Steam Locomotive designed by Richard Wagner during World War 2. The DRB series of trains were two cylinder steam locomotives that had ten overall wheels and two split wheels at the front. Our DRB 52 product page has a more in depth history section if you are interested. You can also visit the DRB Class 52 Wikipedia Page here.

Below is a good video of a real DRB 52 in turkey.

Are COBI Trains Lego Compatible?

COBI trains feature Lego compatible track sections that feature smooth railroad “ties” that are wood textured/colored.

Currently at the time of publishing, we only have one rail section announced but COBI has assured us that there will be many more track sections including curved etc. You can also purchase “knock off” lego tracks in bulk these days but we have no experience with them.

COBI also plans on releasing numerous lego compatible 1:35th scale rail cars and seeing COBI is mainly a military brick company, we definitely expect some sort of detailed armored train in the future. Currently there is only one COBI rail car announced and it is a flatcar capable of transporting COBI’s ever expanding line of 1:35th scale brick tanks.

How the COBI locomotives and rail cars connect is yet to be documented but we will post up details as soon as we find out. Currently we are assuming that they will use a Lego compatible system.

Are COBI Trains Electric Powered?

One of the first things the enters our minds here at Warbicks USA when we first heard of COBI trains, was whether or not they would be powered like Lego trains (COBI has insinuated in the past that its possible). Unfortunately, the new COBI DRB 52 models will not feature an electric motor so they will be free rolling. Is this a deal breaker for you as a brick train enthusiasts? Or are you already googling lego electric motors?

Who Will Buy COBI Trains?

The fact that the new COBI trains are free wheeling and super detailed leaves us to believe that ultimately they are targeting the train collector market and mostly middle aged men with “means” that will display the locomotive on a bookshelf or desk. I mean it is one hell of a conversation starter let’s be honest. It might be challenged in coolness by a USS Missouri battleship in 1:300 scale though?

We may be wrong about the end user though as honestly we have no experience with the Lego train market what do you think?

Another question we have is whether or not the new trains will actually be able to roll along all lego track curves? Why is that? Well, the new COBI DRB 52 is a really long steam locomotive and it may not be physically possible due to its length? Let’s wait and see!

What Scale Are COBI Trains?

According to COBI, 1:35th scale is the best for brick trains as it is compatible with other brick trains like Lego etc. and according to Artur, COBI mini figures are compatible with 1/35th scale trains and tanks. In fact, we can assume that COBI will be building an entire “system” of 1/35th scale cobi sets to support the creation of large dioramas including building and brick vehicles.

Where are COBI Trains Made?

COBI trains are mad in Poland (European Union) and are made from the same plastic resins as the other major European brick brand…….that now also manufactures in China……

What Trains Does COBI Offer Now?

Currently COBI only offers one Steam locomotive in four versions. (All four can be found here)

COBI DRB CLASS 52 Versions:

COBI 6280 – DRB Class 52 Executive Edition: Includes markings and parts to complete either the german or polish civilian version of the COBI DRB 52 locomotive. It also includes two minifigs (one German and one Polish) as well as a raised display base with track. Also included is the tender car.

COBI 6281 – DRB Class 52: ” Kriegslokomotive” military grey edition with two German military mini figures and a portion of track for display. This set is perfect for starting your WWII themed German armored train in 1/35th scale. Also included is the tender car.

COBI-6282 DRB Class 52 Steam Locomotive: The standard edition in Black with Red & German Markings. Includes one German mini figure and a portion of tracks for display. Also included is the tender car.

COBI 6283 – DRB Class Steam Locomotive 2in1 without Tender car: Includes parts and making for both German and Polish versions (one at a time) as well as two mini figures (one German and one Polish. The set includes three straight track pieces for display.

Will You Be Trying Out a COBI Train Set?

So, for now that’s all we know about the new COBI 1:35th scale train system. We hope you are as excites as we are and we look forward to seeing your comments and questions below int he comments.

  • Are you interested in COBI Blocks trains?
  • What train would you like to see them produce next?
  • Would you feel proud to display them with your Lego trains?

1 thought on “Understanding COBI Trains in 1:35 Scale”

  1. Frederick Donikowski

    The cobi flat car wheels are no good when running over turnouts. To much wiggling. So I put on lego wheels and trucks with the lego magnet coupling. Now I can run the German flat cars on my lego layout. Beautiful with them carrying the cobi panzer IV’s. Using cobi “blocks”, I modified the tanks by adding the military green and dessert sand to go along with the dark gray. Great camo! I spaced the wheels same as German trucks. I had to remove the pin and loop cobi setup first. Using the 2 dark brown wedges that come with the flat cars, I than placed the tank on the flat car. Now the tanks do not slide as my train rambles thru the countryside. The wedges are kiddycorner to each other. Of course the” too long” bumbers had to be shortened to take all the curves. The straight track is better than lego with the fit! The look is outstanding. Soooo, you can run these things on your layout.

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