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Join us for Billings Bricks and Coffee! Meet other COBI, CaDA and Mould King fans, get hands-on with Alt bricks, and enjoy great coffee in Billings, Montana.

8122 Stillwater Dr Unit 7B Billings, Montana 59106

February 24, 2024

We are excited to announce our first ever Billings Bricks & Coffee on February 24th 2024 at our Billings, Montana Showroom/warehouse!

This is going to be an awesome opportunity to meet other COBI, CaDA and Mould King fans!

New to Alt bricks? Bricks and Coffee is a great way to get hands on and hear from other AFOL collectors over a cup of coffee!

When: 9-30 am until 1200 pm on February 24, 2024

Where: 8122 Stillwater Dr Unit 7B Billings, Montana 59106 (Enter through Rosebud Dr Gate

Who: We are inviting brick enthusiasts of all ages to come and have some great coffee (in a real mug) and also hot chocolate etc.

Why: We have a great adult fan of Lego (AFOL) community in Billings, Montana and surrounding areas and we want to foster a sense of community and provide a place where our customers can meet and socialize.

Feel Free to Share the Event With Friends & Family

We hope to see you there!

1 thought on “Billings Bricks & Coffee –”

  1. I love COBI & Warbricks. I buy all my COBI models from you guys. You’ve got good prices & great customer service!

    I’m a big fan of WWII battleships. It seems like COBI is running out of new battleship models since they’ve already done the German, American, Japanese & British battleships.

    I don’t know if COBI asks you for suggestions, but you might consider suggesting French & Italian battleship, esp the French Dunkerque class (Dunkerque, Strasbourg), the French Richelieu class (Richelieu, Jean Bart) and the Italian Littorio class (Littorio, Vittorio Veneto, Roma).

    Also, I think there would be demand (at least from me) for “never built” battleships. I know there are 1:350 scale -plastic model kits of most of these, like the Japanese A-150 battleship, the US Montana-class and Iowa-class USS Illinois & USS Kentucky battleship, and the German H-class battleship.

    Also, ‘never-built’ German tanks like the Panzer VII “Lowe” and the ‘E-series’ of heavy tanks (E-10, E-25, E50, E-75 & E-100), all of which are available in 1:35 & 1:72 plastic kits.


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