COBI Stug III Flammpanzer 2in1 (2286)


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The COBI Stug III Flammpanzer 2in1 (2286) comes with 536 high quality parts that fit tightly so that your COBI aircraft set will be awesome for both display or play. Shipping is free over $50



COBI Stug III Flammpanzer 2in1 (2286)

Did you grow up building LEGOs and wishing they would make military brick sets? Well we did and thankfully we have COBI military bricks like the CCOBI Stug III Flammpanzer 2in1 (2286)! The COBI Stug III Flampanzer is compatible with LEGO in both quality and interchangeability. You will notice that COBI makes unique parts that help make builds like the COBI Stug III Ausf.F / Flammpanzer (2in1) stand out as a true collector masterpiece. This set is frequently purchased with the COBI 1/35th scale Stug II here.

Speaking of parts, the COBI Stug III 2in1 Set (2286) comes with 536 high quality parts that fit tightly so that your COBI tank set will be awesome for both display or play. It also comes with TBD COBI mini figures.

Also consider the COBI STUG IV (2576) Set and the COBI Jagdpanzer 38T Hetzer Set (2558) here.

All the COBI Stug 2in1 part’s are pad printed which means there are no messy decals and you just need to follow the detailed instructions (included) in order to assemble the parts correctly.

About the COBI Stug III 2in1 Set (2286):

  • Scale: 1\35 Scale
  • Length: Awaiting final numbers
  • Width: Awaiting final numbers
  • Hight: Awaiting final numbers

The COBI Stug III Flammpanzer Set (2286) set makes a great conversation piece and it will also make a great giver for the military brick collector in your life.

Stug III History:

The StuG III was an assault gun produced by Germany during World War II. It was the most-produced fully tracked armoured fighting vehicle, and second-most produced German armored combat vehicle of any type after the Sd.Kfz. 251 half-track. It was built on a slightly modified Panzer III chassis, replacing the turret with an armored, fixed superstructure mounting a more powerful gun. Initially intended as a mobile assault gun for direct-fire support for infantry, the StuG III was continually modified, and much like the later Jagdpanzer vehicles, was employed as a tank destroyer.

Learn more about the real Stug III that inspired the COBI Stug III 2in1 Set (2286) here.

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Warbricks is a small, Montana based, home business run by a mom and her three children. The business started out as a homeschool project and has grown exponentially. When you order from, you are helping reinforce good business principles like hard work, customer service, and responsibility in the children.  The children are encouraged to follow their own individual dreams as they mature, however, they will always have a set of core skills to fall back on!

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COBI 5733 (Standard Edition), COBI 5733 (Warbricks Edition)


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