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Introducing the COBI 2626 M142 HIMARS Launcher in 1/35th scale. This new set for 2024 is made in Europe using Lego compatible brick parts and includes 604 pieces to create a highly detailed missile launcher model. This set is a 3 in 1 with pad printed national markings for USA, Ukraine and Poland.

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Introducing the COBI M142 HIMARS Launcher in 1/35th scale. This new set for 2024 is made in Europe using Lego compatible brick parts and includes 604 pieces to create a highly detailed missile launcher model.

The COBI HIMARS M142 set features a 3 in 1 option that allows you to make your launcher into a US, Polish or Ukrainian version. There are no stickers as the marking on this set are all pad printed.

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The COBI M142 HIMARS Launcher model 2626 is a 1/35th scale modern day brick launcher.

Have you ever dreamed of building modern day Lego military sets? Well, now that you have discovered the high quality made in Europe, COBI brand of military bricks you can live your dream! The COBI HIMARS launcher set is 💯 compatible with Lego and even features many custom pieces that you won’t fine anywhere. This is an amazing brick replica of the M142 HIMARS which is proving so destructive against Russian meat waves in Ukraine.


How big is the new COBI M142 HIMARS Set? Well, it is 1/35th scale and is 8″ long, 2.7″ tall and 3.14″ wide.

COBI M142 HIMARS Launcher Set Product Features:

– 3 in 1 with Ukrainian, Polish and USA markings.

– Detailed missile launch tube
– Rolling rubber wheels for realistic movement
– Rotating launcher for different firing angles
– Features lots of scale details for an authentic look
– Includes pad printed parts to create a USA Military version, no stickers needed
– Comes with one mini figure for added play value
– Part number COBI-2626, EAN: 5902251026264
– Ships in original packaging from our USA small family business

Get ready to build and display this impressive HIMARS launcher model in your collection. Perfect for military enthusiasts and brick building fans alike.

M142 HIMARS History:

The M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) is a light multiple rocket launcher developed for the United States Army in the late 1990s. It is mounted on a standard U.S. Army Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) M1140 truck frame and carries one pod with either six Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) rockets or one Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missile. The launcher can be transported by various aircraft.

Development of the HIMARS began in 1982 with the 9th Infantry Division, but gained momentum during the Gulf War when the need for a lightweight MLRS was highlighted. HIMARS has since been used in conflicts such as the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, where the U.S. supplied Ukraine with HIMARS systems to counter Russian forces.

The HIMARS can fire MLRS rockets with a maximum range of up to 90 km. There are plans for future operators like Australia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Taiwan, and potentially Hungary and the Netherlands. The Autonomous Multi-domain Launcher (AML) is an unmanned variant of the HIMARS, equipped with a remote-controlled launcher and fire-control system.

Overall, the HIMARS is a versatile and effective artillery system that provides long-range precision strike capabilities for military forces around the world.

Learn more about the M14 HIMARS here at wikipedia.


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