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COBI Sherman Easy Eight Tank Set | 2533 | USA Shop

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The COBI Sherman Easy Eight Tank Set features 725 highly detailed brick parts and colorful, easy to read detailed instructions.  The COBI M4A3E8 Sherman Easy 8 Tank parts all work with Lego and you will be impressed the great quality and detail of this Cobi brick set.  The Set is Cobi’s Version of the Easy company Sherman M4A3E8 Tanks from the movie Fury.

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COBI Sherman Easy Eight Tank Set (2533)

The COBI Sherman Easy Eight Tank Set features 720 highly detailed brick parts and colorful, easy to read detailed instructions.  The COBI M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight parts all work with Lego and you will be impressed with the quality and detail of this Cobi brick set.

FYI, per our experience, this product is approaching the end of its availability (unconfirmed) There is however a new Sherman version here. 

Also consider there COBI Company of Heroes 3 Panzer IV in 1/35th scale here. 

The set is Cobi’s Version of the Easy company Sherman M4A3E8 Tanks from the movie Fury. Also consider the new COBI Sherman “Jumbo” tank here. The COBI Sherman M4A3E8 Tank Set includes 3 mini figures and all the markings are pad printed so stickers are not necessary.

Military brick collectors will get hours of enjoyment from this COBI Sherman Easy Eight Tank Set.  Whether you are buying to display or play, Cobi Brick sets will not disappoint.  Ships quickly from Billings, MT USA with tracking number.

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Sherman Easy Eight History:

The Sherman Easy 8 was upgraded with wide track horizontal volute spring suspension (HVSS) and fitted with the 76mm M1 cannon.

The wide array of special duties that a tank could be used for were just being explored by armies around the world in the early 1940s. Theories of what vehicles were supposed to be engaging enemy tanks changed as vehicles like the Sherman often found themselves up against enemy armor, and consequently some of the most important initial changes centered around upgunning the basic vehicle. Improving the vehicles mobility, protection, and creating specific variants for infantry support roles soon followed. Similar modification of the main armament would be done by the British, who received a number of Shermans during the course of the war. Turning earlier variants of the Sherman into Armored personnel carriers (“Kangaroos”) was also common, as was turning them into armored recovery vehicles.

More radical variants followed, first with experiments with flotation screens in preparation for the invasion of Europe by Allied forces in 1944, and later by the addition of rocket launching equipment mounted on the turret. Extensive work on creating mine clearance devices to be attached to Shermans or out of Shermans in some fashion was also conducted up until the end of the Second World War.

After the end of the Second World War, large numbers of surplus Shermans were supplied to other nations, but primarily to South America and the Middle East. Israel became the largest post-war user of Sherman tanks, conducting extensive modifications to keep them in front line service right up into the early 1970s as tanks, mobile artillery pieces, armored ambulances and more. Many saw action in the 1973 October War. Similar modifications and purchases of Israeli-modified Shermans were done in South America where they served on as the last fighting Shermans right up until 1989. is a family owned small business. We stand behind all our products and want you to know that Cobi Bricks are compatible with other top quality building bricks.  We started Warbricks after we saw how much our own children loved playing with Cobi Tanks and airplanes.  We believe your family and loved ones will love them as well.


1:28th Scale

22 reviews for COBI Sherman Easy Eight Tank Set | 2533 | USA Shop

  1. MickTheTanker (verified owner)

    Definitely well worth the wait. I’ve been waiting for Cobi to release a newer Sherman for a bit now and this one is a must have.

  2. Chris Blau (verified owner)

    Cobi Easy 8 is fantastic. Great to put together well worth the wait. Recommend to anyone who likes WW2 tanks.

  3. Jennifer Cortez (verified owner)

    Great tank! My son was waiting to get this one! It has alot of detail. Very nice looking when put together .Must have for any tank fan.

  4. magchief (verified owner)

    Awesome set. The bricks are very high quality and clutch strong. For anyone interested in historical or modern military sets Cobi is your best option and Warbricks has a great selection.

  5. Che L (verified owner)

    A well-worth upgrade to the Cobi Sherman M4A1 set (2464A) and a must-buy for Sherman tank enthusiasts. Amazing details that add character to the otherwise bare tank, including makeshift reinforcement armor via helmets, sandbags, and logs, to give the impression that this model has seen some action. The new more intricate design of the track system is also a welcome upgrade to the already solid Cobi tank designs. This set is one of the showstoppers of my Cobi tank collection!

  6. Ficadin (verified owner)

    My first COBI tank and surely not my last. Final product looks great with lots of good details.

  7. theldpwns (verified owner)

    Much more detail than the older model. Great price from War Bricks!

  8. Christofer Schmidt (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the amount of little details all over the tank!
    Cobi and Warbricks consistently bring these great sets and great prices.

  9. CLARK REYNES (verified owner)

    My first set I got from Warbricks. That time, I am satisfied with the product and the price of it. Looks great!

  10. Vance Shearin (verified owner)

    Got this tank from Warbricks, the order process was easy, and they got it shipped to me in no time. It is a beautiful tank that my son will just love.

  11. Caleb Bader (verified owner)

    I absolutely love it the tracks are a little bit weird at rolling backwards but besides that the turret turns great and the design is also really good. If you like good looking American tanks than this is for you.

  12. Silas (verified owner)

    Overall this is a really solid model. It’s one of the most detailed Cobi models to date and was a really great tank to build. It scales nice next to the rest of my collection. The only thing holding it back from 5 stars is that the tracks don’t work well on flat surfaces. But yeah I really recommend this model!

  13. Hans

    A truly grand model.

  14. Ron Newell

    This being one of several Sherman’s available from Cobi is a statement of the popularity of the classic American battle tank. It was a nice building experience & the finished vehicle makes for being a hefty display model. My only negative feature for this Set is the side mounted logs turned out for me to not being so pleasingly esthetic to my liking, thus I removed them. That’s a personal observation that takes nothing away from the Easy Eight itself, or it’s five star rating. I also do agree with previous reviews that this tank it is not the best rolling tread system Cobi has put out. The best rolling Cobi tanks thus far I’ve built are the Tigers. Those are so free rolling they need a level surface or a tread chalk to keep them from rolling off their display perch. Back to the Sherman, it is also noted this is a Korean War vehicle, so pay mind to the suspension configuration if you are into such details or are desiring a more classic WW II style Sherman. I think I would have been happier with Set 2550, an E2 version over the E8 I have. The E8 however will not disappoint! It’s a super cool piece in the growing Cobi tank parking lot & at some point another one to go on to unavailability. I will also mention the longer gun barrel the Easy Eight is sporting is distinctive to its profile. If you like a good tank build with a never tiresome to look at mantle piece, or simply enjoy a great Sherman tank in your Cobi inventory, this might just be the one for you! Looks, fit & brick finish are totally Cobi doing it right!

  15. CADJ (verified owner)

    Very good kit to build, and matches will the other sets in my collection

  16. samroz (verified owner)

    Slightly harder to build than the German panzers I’m used to but well worth the effort. Nice to see that Cobi is adding the “stuff” that tank crews added or carried on their vehicles. Gives the tank a little mor “personality”.

  17. Manuel Rojas (verified owner)

    Great build! It has a really detailed engine compartment and attachments to the tank. This model could have benefited from the same size tracks on the Panther and tigers. That would be the only improvement

  18. Patrick Smith (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this model, it looks fantastic, functions reasonably well and has so many nice little details. The instructions were a bit unclear on the front two wheel assemblies, but they are nice and sturdy when correct.

    For reference, I enjoyed this set much more than the AU-1 Corsair (2415). It has much sturdier connections.

  19. Kevin Johnson (verified owner)

    Easy Eight was a fun build. I like the logs ont he side, but would like the option to have regular flat plates instead too. Goes well with my Pz III J.

  20. Tyler Hardin (verified owner)

    Excellent build. I love all the detailing and quality. Very happy to add to my collection.

  21. Kenneth Miller (verified owner)

    One the the best Tanks the Cibi has released. It’s reminiscent of the E-8 Sherman from the movie Fury.

    The tracks work pretty well, especially on a couch, or blanket.

    Engine details are absolutely awesome, as is the suspension. The logs, helmets, and various other pieces of equipment make this stand out by far.

    It’s absolutely my favorite tank by far, and I owe the Owner of Warbricks a huge shout out for sending me this tank when I (foolishly) bought this tank with a pre-order. He’s an absolute gentleman and American patriot!

  22. John (verified owner)

    Personally, I think this is the best rendition of a Sherman COBI has released. Awesome build with great details. Almost like it came straight out of Fury.

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