COBI Jagdpather | SDKFZ 173 | 1:28 Scale | Detailed Interior | Model 2574

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The COBI Jagdpather SDKFZ (2574) is a new COBI tank destroyer set in 1/28th scale. The COBI Jagdpather (2574) has 970 Lego compatible parts and features a great camouflage pattern using COBI Blocks signature smooth plate bricks. The COBI Jagdpather set comes with one german mini-figure and a display plate.


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COBI Jagdpather SDKFZ (2574)

The COBI Jagdpather SDKFZ (2574) is a new COBI tank destroyer set in 1/28th scale. The COBI Jagdpather (2574) has 970 Lego compatible parts and features a great camouflage pattern using COBI Blocks signature smooth plate bricks. The COBI Jagdpather set comes with one german mini-figure and a display plate.

The COBI 1/28 scale Jagdpather features a detailed interior including the main gun, crew quarters and ammo storage.

This set is going to make a great conversation piece wherever it is displayed.

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How Big is the COBI Jagdpather SDKFZ (2574) in 1/28 Scale?

The COBI Jagdpather SDKFZ is 13.7 inches long, 5.3″ tall and 4.9″ wide.

German Jagdpather SDKFZ History:

The German Jagdpanther Sdkfz. 173 is an iconic armoured fighting vehicle of World War II. Developed in the late 1930s and used primarily on the Eastern Front, the Jagdpanther was one of the most effective tank destroyers to come out of the war.

History of Development

The German Jagdpanther Sdkfz. 173 is a wartime tank destroyer designed by Porsche in response to Germany’s need for a heavy anti-tank gun armed with excellent mobility. The Jagdpanther was produced in order to create a better anti-tank platform during the 1920s and 1930s; however, due to budgetary limitations and politics, development only began in earnest when the war became inevitable in the late thirties.
Based on Panther Tank Chassis

The Jagdpanther was based on the chassis of Germany’s Panther medium tank, while its primary weapon system was a 75mm-long L/70 anti-tank cannon mounted low in its superstructure. This configuration allowed for extended firing ranges and provided additional protection against armour piercing rounds that ricocheted off the upper parts of other tanks like side or turret armour plating. In addition, it had a small frontal arc that could be angled away from terrain features that could potentially provide cover from enemy fire when occupying hull down positions–a technique made popular by Ferdinand Porsche’s Tiger I Ausfuehrung E Tiger 2 variant with its Schmalturm turret successively used as well with newer 120mm long L/55 cannons variants such as “Edig Panzer” series.
Performance During WWII

During World War II, some 560 Jagdpanzers were deployed along all fronts, offering excellent performance against Allied armored vehicles beginning on June 6th 1944 when dozens attempted to halt Allies amphibious landings at Normandy Invasion beaches resulting in destruction several Sherman tanks before they themselves getting destroyed by supporting Sherman Fireflies possessing far better guns compared to M10 US Tank Destroyers in their disposal back then. They later gained much wider use throughout Western Europe against heavier opposing By 1945 after deployment amassed up to 1000 units nonetheless able lessening immense losses taken by overly relied panzer regiments on “Hurtgen Forrest” battles serving as ultimate defensive line against Allies invasions towards Rhein River before finally faced complete defeat no matter successfulness shown JDPs ownerships until then.

About Warbricks USA:

Warbricks USA started business in 2020 as a homeschool project. Since then the business has grown exponentially and we have become the USA’s #1 online store for COBI Blocks in the USA. We focus on shipping quickly/carefully, answering customer questions and addressing issues professionally and promptly and in general we are small enough to make sure the USA COBI Brick community is well served. Give us a try and don’t forget to read our customer reviews!


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10 reviews for COBI Jagdpather | SDKFZ 173 | 1:28 Scale | Detailed Interior | Model 2574

  1. Nathan Stanley (verified owner)

    The most intricate and detailed tank model yet? May be COBI’s best achievement with tanks/tank destroyers. Well-built: pieces fit together perfectly. I like the change of pace with the new color scheme that moves away from the usual beige that the Panzer III, IV, Panther and Tiger come with. Well done!

  2. Scott (verified owner)

    Looks great! Great service!

  3. Marcus Cicero (verified owner)

    Great Jagdpanther model, very detailed with a great color scheme. Cobi fixed the inaccurate lower glacis plate present on the Panther. The only drawback is that portions of the sides of the tank are fairly fragile.

  4. Matt (verified owner)

    As usual, Cobi blows it out of the water with another highly intricate replica. Interior components and spaces are well detailed, especially the engine section and the cannon. The overall shape and proportions hold true to the real-life version, to the point where it’s hard to tell that it’s made of small plastic bricks. Furthermore, the change from light tan to dark yellow (dunkelgelb) on late-war German tanks is much appreciated.

    As much of a fantastic model this is, I cannot recommend it to young children. Throughout the building process and afterwards, this thing just wants to fall apart in various places, and it was the first time I had to use super glue to keep it from falling apart to the touch. I think this set is best for adult collectors who hold a passion for attention to detail, but little kids might get frustrated with the fragility and complexity of the build.

  5. Bill Capron (verified owner)

    Really great looking model. That being said there were some very fragile areas that wanted to come apart. There were six or seven spots that l used some glue on to keep things together. I .would definitely not recommend this kit for younger children. As usual Warbricks were on top of their game. Thier shipment came in on the weekend and I had my model on Wednesday.

  6. bigbuddeanconstruction (verified owner)

    Continuing to love the 1:28 scale from COBI and the Jagdpanther delivers. It is a bit challenging to assemble but you’ll appreciate the final result! Warbricks had the best deal and was fast to ship to me in CO!

  7. zekintha25 (verified owner)

    An interesting build. In general, Cobi designed a good model. I find it interesting because of how Cobi solved the angle issues of the model. I continue to enjoy building the Cobi tanks, ships, subs, aircraft, trains, and other guns and vehicles. Thank you War Bricks!

  8. Robert Darst (verified owner)

    This is a great set. Excellent detail, partial interior, very stable.

  9. Juan (verified owner)

    I knew I had to get one of the Jagdpanthers before they were gone. I heard a rumor that Cobi was going to discontinue this product and I immediately placed my order. I’m so glad I did because it is really nice to look at. The camo colors will really make it stand out in your collection. Get one before they are all gone. Warbricks always offers great service, the best prices, awesome communication, and superfast shipping. Just do it!

  10. bobdg1203 (verified owner)

    This is a great set but it does have some issues, like staying together after you have built it. if you touch the tank in the wrong area something will fall off and you have to re-assemble again. this can be a headache. I have been tempted to super clue it together but I hoping when done with this I will put away and have no one touch it or it might fall apart.

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