COBI Elefant Tank | Tiger (P) | Panzerjager | Model 2582 | Detailed Interior

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The COBI Tiger (P) Elefant Tank (2582) is a highly detailed and quality building block set that is sure to impress any fan of military history and construction toys. With 1,251 Lego compatible parts, this set allows for hours of fun and creativity as you build and play with this impressive tank replica. Not only is the set great for display, but it also features a detailed interior, adding an extra level of realism and to the building experience. Plus, with fast, free shipping from our USA warehouse, you can start building and display this fantastic set in no time.

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COBI Elefant 1:28 Tiger (P) Elefant Tank (2582)

Introducing the COBI Elefant Tank, also known as the Tiger (P) or Panzerjager, Model 2582, a carefully and historically crafted brick tank model that captures the formidable presence of one of World War II’s most rare tank destroyers. Manufactured in Europe with precision Lego quality pieces, this set offers enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to delve into the history of armored warfare while enjoying a rewarding building experience.

the COBI Tiger (P) Elefant Tank (2582) has 1,251 Lego compatible parts and features a detailed interior. The COBI Elefant tank is part of COBI’s 1:28th scale series and is quite large.

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The COBI Elefant Tank, designated as the Tiger (P) Panzerjager, was a German heavy tank destroyer used during World War II. Developed as a response to the Soviet T-34 and KV tanks encountered on the Eastern Front, the Elefant was designed to provide long-range anti-tank capabilities with its powerful 88mm gun. With thick armor and a formidable armament, the Elefant was a formidable adversary on the battlefield, capable of taking on multiple enemy tanks with ease.

This COBI set, Model 2582, faithfully reproduces the Elefant Tank with stunning accuracy and attention to detail. From its imposing exterior to its detailed interior, every aspect of the tank is meticulously crafted to provide a realistic and immersive building experience. The set includes one German mini figure, allowing builders to add a touch of authenticity to their creations and recreate scenes from World War II with precision.

The history of the Tiger (P) Elefant tank destroyer dates back to the early 1940s when the German Army sought to develop a heavy tank capable of countering the increasingly formidable Soviet armored forces. Based on the chassis of the Porsche Tiger P tank, the Elefant was initially designed as a tank destroyer, and equipped with a powerful 88mm gun housed in a heavily armored casemate. However, due to design flaws and logistical challenges, production of the Elefant was limited, with only a small number seeing action on the Eastern Front.

Despite its limited production and operational challenges, the Elefant Tank left a lasting impression on the battlefield, demonstrating the effectiveness of heavy tank destroyers in armored warfare. Today, the Elefant Tank remains a symbol of German engineering prowess and military innovation during World War II. With the COBI Elefant Tank set, enthusiasts can explore the history of this iconic vehicle and pay tribute to the brave soldiers who operated it on the front lines.

The COBI Panzerjäger Tiger (P) Elefant (Sd.Kfz. 184) set is made in Europe using the same materials as LEGO and is a perfect display piece that will impress WWII history buffs. The set features pad printing so no messy stickers are needed.

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How big is the COBI Tiger (P) Elefant Tank (2582)?

The COBI Tiger P Elefant tank destroyer is presented in 1/28th scale and is approximately 11.2″ long, 5.5″ tall and 4.9″ wide. The COBI tiger P tracks roll smoothly and it features a scale interior.

Additional Panzerjäger Tiger (P) Elefant (Sd.Kfz. 184) History:

Following the cancelation of the Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche’s VK45.01(P) heavy tank project, the Germans were left with 100 built chassis, including several completed tanks. As these represented a huge material, financial, and time investment, a solution for reusing these in some way had to be found. One solution was to modify them as self-propelled anti-tank vehicles, which the Germans ultimately did. The majority of Dr. Porsche’s VK45.01(P) heavy tank chassis would be rebuilt for this purpose. These would be armed with the powerful 88 mm L/71 gun and protected with 200 mm of frontal armor, making them formidable adversaries on the battlefield at that time. Despite the small numbers built, these would see extensive combat use during the war, where their effectiveness was plagued with many mechanical and logistical problems.

For more information on the real tank that inspired the COBI Elefant tank, please visit the Tank Encyclopedia here. They feature images of the real tank during WWII.

5 reviews for COBI Elefant Tank | Tiger (P) | Panzerjager | Model 2582 | Detailed Interior

  1. Peter Remenchus (verified owner)

    Loads of fun.

  2. AJ (verified owner)

    Love the design of it, tracks aren’t the best but other than that the model is very fun to build.

  3. AJ Cestaro (verified owner)

    Fantastic build, tracks are a little finicky, but other than that it was a load of fun to assemble.

  4. Chris Wilson (verified owner)

    Love the color pattern. Seems like as time goes by the Cobi bricks become more detailed! I really enjoy building and learning about them!

  5. Robert Darst (verified owner)

    A very good build. Near-complete and highly detailed interior. Hull construction is a bit finicky as a result, but not too terrible. Main weakness is the tracks: these pop right off if any effort is made to roll them. COBI, it really is time to retire this ancient, clunky track design and replace it with something smaller and more realistic.

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