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COBI C130 Hercules (Select Version)

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The new COBI C130 Hercules Set is a 1:61 scale, Lego compatible C130 Hercules aircraft. The COBI C-130 set is available in two versions, Executive Edition (COBI C-130J SOF Super Model  #5838) and Standard Edition (COBI C-130E Hercules Model# 5839). Both sets are made in Europe (Poland) and ship from our Billings, MT Home business.

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COBI C130 Hercules (Select Version)

The new COBI C130 Hercules is a 1:61 scale, Lego compatible C130 Hercules aircraft. The COBI C-130 set is available in two versions, Executive Edition (COBI C-130J SOF Super Model  #5838) and Standard Edition (COBI C-130E Hercules Model# 5839). Both sets are made in Europe (Poland) and ship from our Billings, MT Home business.

Have you ever wanted a Lego C-130? We the wait is over!

The COBI C-130J SOF model includes extra lego compatible pieces and three mini figures. The standard COBI C-130E comes with 50 fewer pieces and only one mini figure.

Both versions of the COBI C130 are officially licensed by Lockheed Martin.

Both COBI C-130 Sets Feature the Same Dimensions:

  • 19.4″ long
  • 8″ tall
  • 27.7″ wide

COBI C-130 Versions:

COBI 5838 (Executive Edition):

  • 600 Lego compatible pieces
  • Possibly a side facing weapon (The real one has this capability but so far no images have appeared showing this on the COBI set.
  • 3 mini figures
  • US Air Force Special Operations color scheme (C-130J SOF Super) and additional fuel tanks and refueling boom
  • All marking are pad printed so no stickers
  • Display placard

COBI 5839 (Standard Edition):

  • 550 Lego compatible pieces
  • one mini figure
  • US Air Force (C-130E Hercules livery)
  • All markings are pad printed so no stickers
  • Display Placard

C-130J SOF Super History:

The C-130J-SOF provides specialized intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) support, along with infiltration, exfiltration, and re-supply of special operations forces (SOF) and equipment in hostile or denied territory. With added special mission equipment options, the C-130J-SOF may be configured to execute armed overwatch, precision strike, helicopter and vertical lift aerial refueling, psychological operations, high-speed/low-signature airdrop resupply, personnel recovery, forward area refueling point (FARP) operations, and humanitarian/rescue operations.


Armed reconnaissance is flown with the primary purpose of locating and attacking targets of opportunity (i.e., enemy material, personnel and facilities) in assigned or general areas. Close air support (CAS) provides direct action against hostile targets that are in close proximity to friendly forces or troops in contact (TIC) with limited collateral damage. Air Interdiction destroys, neutralizes or delays the enemy’s potential before it can be brought to bear effectively against friendly forces.


Aerial refueling helicopters, vertical lift and fighter aircraft is conducted utilizing a podded hose and drogue system. Aerial refueling allows the receiving aircraft to extend its range and time-on-station. Due to its enhanced propulsion systems, the C-130J-SOF offers aerial refueling at speeds 15 kts faster than previous versions — a benefit to fighter refueling.


In-flight refueling employs either the aerial refueling probe installation system (ARPIS) or universal aerial refueling receptacle slipway installation (UARRSI) system to allow the receiving aircraft to extend its range or increase loiter time. In-flight refueling can allow a receiver aircraft to takeoff with a greater payload such as weapons, cargo, or personnel by carrying less fuel and refueling once airborne. Alternatively, a shorter take-off roll can be achieved due to a lower gross weight.


Through the use of an advanced flight management system (FMS) with integrated inertial navigation system (INS) and Global Positioning System (GPS), the C-130J-SOF can conduct precision low-level navigation infiltration/exfiltration of special operations forces via high/low-altitude airdrop or air-land operations utilizing austere airfields.


A FARP is a temporary facility that is organized, equipped and deployed by an aviation commander. It is normally located in the main battle area closer to the area where operations are being conducted to provide fuel and ammunition necessary for the employment of aviation maneuver units in combat. FARP operations with the C-130J-SOF enable combat aircraft and ground vehicles to rapidly refuel and re-arm simultaneously. FARP supports deep attack or special operations forces when distance covered exceeds the normal aircraft range.

About Warbricks USA:

Warbricks USA is the number one place in the USA to purchase COBI block sets. We carry a full line of COBI aircraft, tanks, ships and trains etc. We may be small but we focus on fast shipping, great customer service and the industries best COBI prices in the USA. Visit our about us page to learn more about our small family business.


1:61 Scale


COBI 5838 C-130J SOF Super (Executive Edition), COBI 5839 C130E Hercules (Standard Edition)

3 reviews for COBI C130 Hercules (Select Version)

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Nice attractive model,will look good in my collection

  2. Gerald Mucha (verified owner)

    I was impressed with the printed panels for the cockpit. The molded pieces fit together nicely. Only complaint is the aircraft is tail heavy so it wants to rest on the tail. I’m working with counter weight to level the build. Otherwise a fun build.

  3. Rafael (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping and fun to put together as always! This is the 5th model I’ve bought and they get more and more fun every time! Keep up the great work!

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