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Cobi BF 109 E-3 Brick Set (5727)

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The Cobi BF 109 E-3 Brick Set (5727) features 333 highly detailed pieces along with detailed instructions similar to those you may already be familiar with growing up playing with brick sets.

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Cobi BF 109 E-3 Brick Set (5727)

The Cobi BF 109 E-3 Brick Set (5727) features 333 highly detailed pieces along with detailed instructions similar to those you may already be familiar with growing up playing with brick sets.  The Cobi BF 109 E3 Set is sure to be a great set easy to build and will provide hours of great playtime!  After its all over, the Cobi parts will work just fine with other brand building blocks as they are in some cases even higher quality.  Purchase with confidence as we stand behind our products!  Our kids love them and so will yours!

The COBI BF 109 Set Comes with one figure.

Also consider the COBI BF-110 Night fighter set here.

About the Messerschmitt BF 109 F-2

Due to the Messerschmitt Bf 109’s versatility and time in service with the German and foreign air forces, numerous variants were produced in Germany to serve for over eight years with the Luftwaffe. Additional variants were produced abroad totalling in 34,852 Bf 109s built.

The first redesign came with the E series, including the naval variant, the Bf 109T (T standing for Träger, carrier). The Bf 109E (Emil) introduced structural changes to accommodate the heavier and more powerful 1,100 PS (1,085 HP) Daimler-Benz DB 601 engine, heavier armament and increased fuel capacity. Partly due to its limited 300 km (186 mile) combat radius on internal fuel alone, resulting from its 660 km (410 mile) range limit, later variants of the E series had a fuselage ordnance rack for fighter-bomber operations or provision for a long-range, standardized 300 litre (79 US gallon) drop-tank and used the DB 601N engine of higher power output. The 109E first saw service with the “Condor Legion” during the last phase of the Spanish Civil War and was the main variant from the beginning of World War II until mid-1941 when the 109F replaced it in the pure fighter role (Eight 109Es were assembled in Switzerland in 1946 by the Dornier-Werke, using licence-built airframes; a ninth airframe was assembled using spare parts.

About Warbricks: is a family owned small business! We stand behind all our products and want you to know that Cobi Bricks are compatible with other top quality building bricks.  We started Warbricks after we saw how much our own children loved playing with Cobi Tanks and airplanes.  We believe your family and loved ones will love them as well.

17 reviews for Cobi BF 109 E-3 Brick Set (5727)

  1. Jay Klaudt (verified owner)

    !00% quality in this plane!…….very fun to build!! Assembly is different than other COBI planes which is really neat!…….one of my favorite planes to build….my grandson loves it…..

  2. Michael MacDaniels (verified owner)

    My son loved putting this togeather and plays with it everyday. Goes great with the other planes. Highly recommender!

  3. Janine Kozak-Gauzza (verified owner)

    Solid when built. Great scale. Fast shipping and Warbricks was very responsive

  4. Robert (verified owner)

    Another great product by Cobi. Looks fantastic in my office with all the other ones.

  5. Phoenix Tribe (verified owner)

    Our boys love Cobi. Historically accurate detail and engineering has gone into their products. Warbricks is a wonderful company to support with fast shipping and great customer service.

  6. goliath537 (verified owner)

    Great realistic set!!!

  7. Caleb Bader (verified owner)

    It is like most things from this website very high quality it was a super fun build and cheap for what it is. It looks great. Would recommend

  8. Hightower1545 (verified owner)

    A beautifully crafted brick model. Great detail for display and play. Another fine addition to my collection

  9. George (verified owner)

    High quality product. My grandson loves putting together and adding to his Cobi collection.

  10. Ezra Betcher (verified owner)

    This was my first personal COBI purchase, and definitely not my last! Great model, fun to build, fun to play with, and fun to see on my model shelf. Easy purchase with Warbricks and I enjoyed supporting a fellow homeschool family.

  11. Richard W (verified owner)

    My son won’t be born until November but I’m already getting him cool toys like this BF-109 plane. The prices here are better than Amazon or other places and they ship fast so I’ll be back.

  12. brockwaychuck (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this model of the BF ME109E3. One of the most accurately detailed brick model airplanes I’ve seen. Would love to see COBI come out with an F model Messerschmitt like the one flown by Hans-Joachim Marseille in North Africa. Also I’ll be greedy and request a G-14 model with the Black Tulip design like the fighter flown by Erich Hartmann on the Eastern Front.

  13. samroz (verified owner)

    Plane looks great! Shipment was fast and item was well packaged. Warbricks usually has the best price available and free shipping over $50, what more can you ask for?

  14. Joshua Cadelina

    The very first COBI aircraft that was built and added to my collection. It goes perfectly side by side with the Graf Zepplin aircraft carrier.

  15. justin

    good product, fast shipping

  16. Kenneth Miller (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic! Looks great next to the Hurricane and Do-17.

    Cobi has gotten better with their unique pieces. Very happy with it.

  17. goobersqueaky1 (verified owner)

    Another great cobi product and great service from warbricks.

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