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The COBI 1/35 Scale Dodge WC-56 Command Car (3111) is a high-quality brick set made in Europe that includes 202 Lego compatible pieces. This set features pad printed markings, so there are no messy stickers to deal with. The set replicates a WWII allied command staff vehicle in 1:35 scale, perfect for display or play.

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COBI 1/35 Scale Dodge WC-56 Command Car (3111) USA Store

Introducing the COBI Dodge WC-56 Command Car, acarefully designed, brick scale model that pays homage to one of the iconic vehicles of World War II. This 1:35 bricks scale model replica, COBI 3111, is part of the new COBI 80th Anniversary D-Day series, marking a significant milestone in WWII history. With 208 LEGO compatible pieces, this set offers both a challenge and satisfying build process for brick collectors of all skill levels, whether you’re an AFOL collector, an adult brick enthusiast, or a young enthusiast eager to delve into the history of military vehicles.

Designed and manufactured  in Europe with careful attention to historical detail, the COBI Dodge WC-56 Command Car captures the essence of this historic vehicle with unparalleled accuracy. Featuring pad printed markings, this set eliminates the hassle of messy stickers, ensuring a seamless finish that stays true to the original design.

Step into the shoes of Allied forces with this set, which comes complete with two US mini figures – an officer and a staff car driver – allowing you to recreate pivotal moments from World War II. Also consider the COBI 1/35 scale Sherman tank here.

COBI Dodge WC56 History:

The Dodge WC-56 Command Car played a vital role in the Allied war effort, serving as a versatile and reliable vehicle for transportation and communication on the battlefield. Introduced in the early 1940s, this rugged four-wheel-drive vehicle was designed to withstand the rigors of combat and navigate challenging terrain with ease. Its spacious interior and powerful engine made it ideal for carrying personnel, equipment, and supplies across the front lines, earning it the nickname “Beep” by the soldiers who relied on it.

As a symbol of American ingenuity and resilience, the Dodge WC-56 Command Car holds a special place in the annals of military history. From the beaches of Normandy to the deserts of North Africa, this vehicle played a vital role in the Allied victory over Axis forces during World War II. Now, with the COBI Dodge WC-56 Command Car, you can pay tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of those who served by recreating their stories in brick form. Experience the thrill of military history firsthand with this meticulously crafted set, which brings the heroic deeds of the past to life in stunning detail.

The COBI WC-54 Command car comes with two COBI mini figures and vehicle flag indicating a 4 star general.

Also consider the COBI Dodge Ambulance here.

COBI 3111 Command WC-56 Product Features:

– Made in Europe with high-quality materials
– Includes 202 Lego compatible pieces
– Features pad printed markings for a clean look
– Free spinning wheels and folding windshield, just like the real WWII allied command vehicle
– Great for display or play
– Perfect for collecting
– No messy model glue or paint required
– Made for adults and young builders
– Ships from our Billings, Montana USA Warehouse in original packaging

This COBI Dodge WC-56 Command Car set is a must-have for any WWII history enthusiast or brick building fan. Get yours today and add a piece of history to your collection.


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