Warbricks USA Teams up with PBricks!

Warbricks USA Teams up with PBricks on YouTube!

We are super excited to announce that we have begun working with PBricks on Youtube!

PBricks is a Polish YouTuber who focuses on the COBI brand of Lego compatible military bricks.

One of the reasons we decided to sponsor PBricks is his super detailed COBI Speed build videos. We quite frankly don’t know how he has the patience to do these videos and the results are super impressive. Check out his COBI Sherman Calliope Speed build below (we also embedded the video on the product page).

Starting now, you will start seeing a friendly reminder to visit Warbricks.com at the beginng and end of Pbrick’s videos.

We believe supporting quality brick videographers and bloggers is crucial to spreading the word about COBI’s outstanding quality. We also believe that promotion is mutual so we do everything we can to spread the word about our partners..

Hopefully our growing customer base will also follow and provide support through subscribing and liking his videos!


The Warbricks Team

Are you interested in partnering with Warbricks? Hit us up via the chat icon or email us using the form below!

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