Warbricks Team Featured on Q2 news

Warbricks Team Featured on the News!

Warbricks Team Featured on The News!

On December, 7th The Warbricks Team was featured on the news here in Billings, MT.  The experience was intimidating for the whole team but the crew at KVTQ News in Billings was super nice and did a great job.  The opportunity appeared after KTVQ Weather Anchor Chris DeRose came across a warbricks.com instagram post using the hashtag #billingsmt.  Chris then reached out to me, (Karine) and offered to interview the kids and I for that Friday’s evening show.

We would be lying if we said that we were not a little intimidated and apprehensive about the whole process, but Chris did such a good job and edited out all our shortcomings (thanks Chris ;))

So please take a moment to watch the video and don’t forget to visit Chris’ social media and let him know that you appreciate his hard work! We sure do!


About Warbricks.com

Warbricks is a Billings, MT based online retailer of COBI Toys.  COBI is a Polish (made in EU using the same materials as LEGO) brand of LELGO compatible brick sets.  The COBI Brick Brand is most known for its military and aviation focused sets.

Warbricks started as a homeschool project and continues to be run as such. Growth since starting in March of 2020, has been way bigger than expected so it has demanded a lot from the “team” which is comprised of myself (Karine “Mom”) David (12) Daniel (11) and Emilie (9).  Dad helps teach the kids how to build the website as he also runs his own businesses (Mtgtactical.com & Blacksheepwarrior.com)

About KVTQ Billings

KVTQ Billings features news, weather and more! By being featured on KVTQ, Warbricks began seeing orders from all over Montana, as well as North Dakota and more. We have also seen a growth in google searches for “Warbricks Billings.” Thanks KVTQ!

In closing, we are super excited to share Warbricks with Billings, MT!  Hopefully this will spread the word about the great world of COBI Tanks, ships and aircraft here in Billings and Montana!

We are happy to meet up and deliver sets to local customers and as always, we ship all over the USA!




Shop new COBI Sets from Warbricks.com here!

1 thought on “Warbricks Team Featured on the News!”

  1. How awesome that you guys started this business, and I’m glad to be a new customer located in Madison, Alabama. The pandemic really spurred my interest in plastic brick building, and Cobi sets are a big part of my growing collection which always gets visitors to my house excited to check out. Prior to finding you guys online, I primarily purchased my Cobi sets from a company in England and Amazon. Products coming from England became a bit cost prohibitive due to increased international shipping charges, so it was a timely find to learn about you guys. I currently have two sets pre-ordered from you (F-16 & Blackhawk), and I’m on your waiting list for the Ghost of Ukraine set. Anyway, just wanted to leave a note of encouragement for you guys to keep up the great job you are doing. BTW, tell your Dad that I appreciate what he does as I’m a 33-year veteran of LE myself. -Bob Boland

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