Warbricks February 2021 COBI Pre-order Sets!

Warbricks February 2021 COBI Pre-order Sets!

It’s February and it is time to announce some COBI pre order sets that are due to ship by month’s end or early March. Every hard core COBI brick collector knows that sometimes sets arrive in a week or two later than expected so take the dates with a  “grain of salt”. You can read our understanding pre-orders page here if you are curious on how we do it.

COBI Ship Pre-orders:

The COBI Prince Eugene Heavy Cruiser has been made available! This is easily one of the most anticipated COBI ship that we have seen and the waitlist was pretty extensive. Pre-order here.

The COBI RMS Titanic Executive Edition (1928) is also available for pre-order and apparently its a new 1/450th scale  960 piece Titanic that will fit into a display setting easier than the monster 1/300th scale RMS Titanic 1916 with 2,840 pieces. Pre-order it here.


COBI Car Pre-orders:

The brand new COBI Abarth 595 is a suped up Fiat 500 from Abarth and probably something James May would brag about driving too slow on narrow European streets. It’s the new “hot hatch’ from COBI and its coming to the USA… February! Maybe pick up some Maserati sets at the same time 🙂 Pre-order it here.

COBI has been working on a number of WWII German staff cars and the first one to hit will be the HORCH 901. It comes with one mini-fig soldier and looks like it will be a good display piece for COBI WWII Collectors. Pre-order it here.

COBI Tank Pre-Orders:

The new COBI T-34-85 Tank set (2542) is coming and is a new take on the COBI T-34. Pre-order it here.

Thanks for all your support! Don’t forget we are constantly adding new and coming soon sets and we have updated all the coming soon sets with estimated dates for the USA.


The Warbricks USA Team

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