Understanding COBI Pre-Orders

Understanding COBI Pre-orders

Understanding COBI Pre-orders

As we inch closer to Christmas we have received a number of customer questions via our chat feature asking about the new COBI King Tiger (2540) set and whether it will arrive before Christmas or not.  So, we felt it was a good time to share what we have learned so far about new COBI sets and their availability in the USA vs Europe as well as some help understanding COBI pre-orders.

You may or may not realize that COBI Bricks are made in Europe and you can read our blog post regarding the differences and similarities between LEGO and COBI bricks here.

That being said, all COBI sets are shipped to the USA via conex boxes and arrive on the east coast before being shipped to COBI Toys’ USA warehouse in Tennessee.  After arriving at the warehouse, COBI sends an email to all their dealers notifying them that they are available for order. The order is then made by us here at Warbricks USA and approximately a week later, we see the shipment arrive at our small home based office.

Also in the email is a list of COBI brick set availability in the USA as well as estimated timeframes for arrival of new sets.  Once we see that a set is due in approximately one month, we allow pre-orders on the site.  You can see our COBI pre-order Page Here.

It’s important to realize that typically COBI Brick sets are released in Europe approximately one month prior to arriving in the USA.  So, if you are in an absolute rush you can order from a European store and pay the extra money for shipping etc.

It is also important to understand that Cobi pre-order dates can change over time due to delays, customs and other unforeseen circumstances as well as higher volume that carriers are dealing with this season.

We hope this helps and for those of you awaiting the impending arrival of the COBI Konigstiger (2540) we believe it will still arrive in time to ship for Christmas. Obviously we will order them and ship them as fast as possible once they arrive.

The Warbricks Team

Visit our COBI Pre-order page here and see what is available and what is coming next!

2 thoughts on “Understanding COBI Pre-orders”

  1. I like your pre-order/wishlist for Ukrainian forces. Any chance you can make a page for other wishlist items. I would like to see a British WW2 bren carrier in green or sand, please.

    1. We can definitely try that. Please shoot us an email with some photos and we will see what we can do. Maybe we can have a page dedicated to wishlist style products.
      Warbricks Team

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