COBI Sherman IC Firefly ZEMSTA II (2276)


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The COBI Sherman IC Firefly ZEMSTA II (2276) is a lego compatible tank set that is made in Europe (Poland). The set includes 608 parts and one mini figure. Warbricks is your best source for COBI Brick Sets in the USA. Best for adults!

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COBI Sherman IC Firefly ZEMSTA II (2276)

New for December 2022, the COBI Sherman IC Firefly ZEMSTA II (2276) in 1/35th scale is a Lego compatible collector tank.

Made in Poland by COBI, the COBI Sherman IC Firefly ZEMSTA II is made from the same European sourced materials as LEGO but feature a slightly tighter fit and are primarily designed for adult collectors.

Warbricks USA is a small family owned business in Montana, USA and is your home for USA COBI brick sales.

The COBI Sherman IC Firefly ZEMSTA II features 608 lego compatible parts and includes one Polish general mini figure. The Cobi ZEMSTA II Sherman tank was made famous as part of a Polish medium tank battalion during WWII and the tank is a replica of the famous Sherman Firefly. We also sell a 1/28th scale COBI Sherman easy eight firefly here.

How big is the COBI Sherman IC Firefly ZEMSTA II Tank:

Currently we are awaiting final specifications on the length and height of the COBI Sherman Firefly IC ZEMSTA II and we will update this page once we find out the sizes. However, if you compare the COBI ZEMSTA II to other COBI Sherman tanks in 1/35th scale such as the COBI Company of Heroes Sherman here, you will see that it should be approximately the same size at 6.7″ long and 4.5″ tall.

Where is the COBI ZEMSTA II Sherman made and when can I pre-order or receive it?

The COBI Firefly ZEMSTA II is expected to arrive in the USA (it is made in the EU in Poland and must be shipped via ocean freighter) around November of December of 2022.

Here at we will offer the set as a pre-order when we believe it will arrive in 30 days or less. Sometimes pre-orders do not arrive when we expect for various reasons so flexibility is encouraged.

This is not a Lego Sherman IC Firefly tank as the parts are made entirely by COBI in Europe. The COBI Sherman IC Firefly ZEMSTA II (2276) is Lego compatible however and will fit in well with your existing lego collection. You can reference COBI sets by their parts number as well. This set is the COBI 2276.

Sherman IC Firefly History:

The Sherman Firefly IC stands for a hybrid Sherman with a British 17 lb gun. the larger 17 lb gun was necessary in order to attempt parity with the German Tiger 1 tank which had superior armor and firepower in comparison to the standard Sherman tank. There is a great website that has very detailed images and descriptions of these different Sherman firefly tanks here.

The history surrounding the Sherman Firefly ZEMSTA II can be found here at wikipedia and we sourced images from the r/Tankporn (family safe link). The Firefly ZEMSTA II (sounds like the first one didn’t make it) was part of the Polish Warsaw 2nd Armored Brigade Tank Battalion 3rd Platoon. All of the 3rd platoon tank names started with the letter Z. Read more about it here.

About Warbricks USA:

Warbricks USA is a family owned and operated home business that is the best place to buy collectable COBI brick sets in the USA. We ship from our garage and deliver via UPS and USPS with tracking numbers.



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