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The COBI Pennsylvania Class Battleship Set comes with 2100 high quality parts that fit tightly so that your COBI Battleship set will be awesome for both display or play. It also comes with a name plate for the COBI USS Arizona and three micro airplanes if you purchase the Executive edition (COBI 4842)  Shipping is free over $50.


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COBI Pennsylvania/Arizona Class Battleship

Did you grow up building LEGOs and wishing they would make military brick sets? Well we did and thankfully we have COBI military bricks like the COBI Pennsylvania Class Battleship set! The COBI Battleship Pennsylvania is compatible with LEGO in both quality and interchangeability. You will notice that COBI makes unique parts that help make builds like the COBI Pennsylvania Class Battleship USS Arizona stand out as a true collector masterpiece.

Speaking of parts, the Executive Edition COBI Pennsylvania Class Battleship comes with 2,100 high quality, Lego compatible parts that fit tightly so that your COBI Battleship Arizona set will be awesome for both display or play. It also comes with three (3) COBI mini aircraft. The standard edition will feature the COBI USS Arizona (BB-39) and will have 2046 parts.

The COBI Pennsylvania Class Battleship will be available in two versions that are both the same size and in 1/300 scale:

  • COBI Pennsylvania Class Battleship Executive Version (This is a 2in1 set that allows the brick collector to build either the COBI USS Arizona or the COBI USS Pennsylvania.
  • COBI USS Arizona Battleship Standard Edition (Currently we are awaiting details but it will most likely have one nano plane and only the USS Arizona nameplate for display).

The COBI Pennsylvania Class Battleship series is perfect for displaying on an office shelf and is certain to be a great conversation starter. These sets are made in the EU (Poland) and are high quality brick sets.

Also consider the COBI USS IOWA and the COBI USS Enterprise here.

All the COBI Pennsylvania Battleship (4842) part’s are pad printed which means there are no messy decals and you just need to follow the detailed instructions (included) in order to assemble the parts correctly.

About the COBI USS Arizona and Pennsylvania:

  • Scale: 1/300 Scale
  • Length: 24.2″ long
  • Hight: 8.7″ tall

The COBI Pennsylvania Class Battleship (COBI 4842) set makes a great conversation piece and it will also make a great giver for the military brick collector in your life.

This is not a lego USS Arizona. It is built by COBI Bricks in Poland and is Lego compatible.

USS Pennsylvania/Arizona  History:

The Pennsylvania class consisted of two super-dreadnought battleships built for the United States Navy just before the First World War. The ships were named Pennsylvania and Arizona, after the American states of the same names. They constituted the United States’ second battleship design to adhere to the “all or nothing” armor scheme, and were the newest American capital ships when the United States entered the First World War.

On 7 December 1941, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor sank Arizona in a tremendous explosion and slightly damaged Pennsylvania, which was in dry dock at the time. Arizonas wreck was later partly salvaged and is now a war memorial.

Pennsylvania came back into service more quickly than many of the other battleships present during the attack; it left on 20 December and was under repair in San Francisco until 30 March 1942. For the next several months, Pennsylvania was stationed on the United States’ West Coast, before being reassigned to Pearl Harbor as the fleet flagship for a short time (August to October). After another refit in San Francisco, which lasted until February 1943, the ship was sent to assist American forces engaged in the Aleutian Islands Campaign. During this time, Pennsylvania was nearly hit by a torpedo from Japanese submarine I-31, which was later sunk.

Learn more about the real aircraft that inspired the COBI Pennsylvania Class Battleships here.

About Warbricks:

Warbricks is a small, Montana based, home business run by a mom and her three children. The business started out as a homeschool project and has grown exponentially. When you order from, you are helping reinforce good business principles like hard work, customer service, and responsibility in the children.  The children are encouraged to follow their own individual dreams as they mature, however, they will always have a set of core skills to fall back on!

How to contact us with questions:

Please check out our contact us page here.


COBI 4842 USS Pennsylvania 2in1, COBI 4843 USS Arizona




1:300th Scale

11 reviews for COBI Pennsylvania/Arizona Battleship (Select Version)

  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    This is a great addition to my collection of Cobi ships, I assembled it as the USS Arizona and now have it on the shelf next to the USS Missouri. The hull was simple to construct while the super structure took a bit of time and dexterity of my fingers. I’m very happy with the build.

  2. Beth (verified owner)

    Great set! My son loved putting it together. Great customer service.

  3. Vernon Ellis Simpson (verified owner)

    Just opened my USS Pennsylvania kit last night. Service was fast, box and contents in perfect shape. This will make a great companion for my Iowa BB. Vern

  4. Austin (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful model! I constructed the USS Pennsylvania version and it looks great. The customer service was excellent and the shipping was fast. I would recommend this and or similar models.

  5. Tessa Ramos (verified owner)

    Fun build, reliable company. Arrived on time in excellent condition.

  6. mbwellstx (verified owner)

    I constructed this as the Pennsylvania.
    I have the Arizona specific kit coming soon.
    Agree with everyone on the aesthetics of the build. And specifically with Jeff on building the superstructure. Felt like I needed smaller fingers for part of it. But like most kits with small pieces I put a dab of clear Elmer’s glue to keep them in place. Tricky part is keeping the cat from going all Godzilla on the ships.

  7. Robert J Noth (verified owner)

    Great addition to my collection. Very important historical ship. Great service from War Bricks as usual. Great product!

  8. Patrick (verified owner)

    Build overall is fun and looks great on my desk. The only issue I had was that some of the rods for the tripod masts are really tight fitting and hard to pull out if you over insert them. I hope Cobi makes more older style battleships for my collection.

  9. stephenkindy (verified owner)

    Another great set by COBI and an amazing addition to my ever growing COBI fleet of ships. I built it as the Arizona. Its an easy build with hours of fun.

  10. David Ackerman (verified owner)

    Another beautiful kit from Cobi and Warbricks for my collection! The items were shipped in their original factory boxes and arrived in pristine condition. Thanks again!!

  11. Tim Barnes (verified owner)

    Beautiful set! I really enjoyed putting this together! It was missing a few pieces but I was able to complete the Pennsylvania version but not the Arizona. It’s still worth every penny!

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