COBI PAK 40 Set (2252)

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The COBI PAK 40 Set (2252) features 85 highly detailed brick parts and colorful, easy to read detailed instructions.  The COBI PAK 40 Set Set parts all work perfectly with LEGO and you will be impressed with LEGO quality of COBI sets.  FREE Shipping on orders over $50! Ships fast with tracking number from our Montana USA home business.


COBI PAK 40 Set (2252)

The COBI PAK 40 Set (2252) features 85 highly detailed brick parts and colorful, easy to read detailed instructions.  The COBI PAK 40 Set Set parts all work perfectly with LEGO and you will be impressed with the quality of COBI sets.  COBI Sets differ in that they offer many more pieces and the majority of the parts are unique to COBI.  You can learn more about the similarities and differences between COBI and LEGO here.

The COBI PAK 40 Set includes 1 figure and all the markings are pad printed so stickers are not necessary.

Both collectors and brick enthusiasts will get value and hours of enjoyment from this COBI PAK 40 Set (2252) .  Whether you are buying to display or play, Cobi Brick sets will not disappoint.  Ships quickly from Billings, MT USA with tracking number.

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PAK 40 Set History:

The 7.5 cm Pak 40 (7,5 cm Panzerabwehrkanone 40 – lit. “7.5cm armour defence cannon 40”) was a German 75 millimetre anti-tank gun developed in 1939–1941 by Rheinmetall and used during the Second World War. With 23,303 examples produced, the Pak 40 formed the backbone of German anti-tank guns for the later part of World War II, mostly in towed form, but also on a number of tank destroyers such as the Marder series.

A modified version of the gun designed specifically for vehicle-mounting was the 7.5 cm KwK 40, which differed primarily in using more compact ammunition, thereby allowing more rounds to be carried inside the vehicles. The KwK 40 armed many of the German mid-war tank and destroyer designs, replacing the Pak 40 in the latter role.

Depending on the source, the Pak 40 may be referred to as the 7.5/L46, referring to the barrel’s length in calibres. There were two versions of the KwK 40, which would be referred to as the 7.5/L43 or 7.5/L48.

To learn more about the real vehicle that inspired the COBI PAK 40 Set visit Wikipedia page here.

About Cobi Brick Sets:

Cobi brick sets are compatible with all other top quality brick brands.  Cobi Bricks are made in Poland (European Union) and the sets are full of unique parts made just for adding realism to each set.  These sets may require more attention to build due to the numerous parts and “layered” approach that Cobi Brick sets use.  Cobi Brick sets come with super detailed and easy to use colored instructions.

Don’t see a set you are looking for? Please use the Request a COBI Set Form here.  We are very small and are adding as many sets as possible. If you are willing to pre-order we are usually able to add the set(s) to our net order.  We typically re-order weekly/bi-weekly. is a family owned small business. We stand behind all our products and want you to know that Cobi Bricks are compatible with other top quality building bricks.  We started Warbricks after we saw how much our own children loved playing with Cobi Tanks and airplanes.  We believe your family and loved ones will love them as well.

What to expect when you order:

Once your order is processed, you will receive an email with a tracking number that shows, on a map, where in the country your shipment is!  We always properly represent our inventory and if there is a problem or we make a mistake we will reach out and let you know ASAP!  We try to respond to all customer inquiries quickly but please remember that we are balancing work, school and family life!  You can contact us here or use the chat box on the screen.  We will always try to respond and address your concerns. See our returns policy here.

Regarding pre-orders:

Pre-orders are listed as available once we are a month or so out from receiving the set in question. Please be aware that COBI may change the release date without notice and we will do our best to update.  Pr-order ship dates are best guess and we update once we have a better feeling on the real ship date.

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5 reviews for COBI PAK 40 Set (2252)

  1. David (verified owner)

    A good set. It’s a little trying to put together and keep together due to small pieces and the conjunction of the cannon, split trails , shield and chassis. Best as a display piece since young children playing with it will probably cause disassembly. Of course, it can be reassembled. A nice touch would have been a hitch so that it could be towed by the FAMO or other sets. Good for use in a diorama.

  2. Will (verified owner)

    A little difficult with such small pieces to put together, but looks great attached to the DAK Opel Blitz

  3. D. Norton (verified owner)

    I was impressed with how much detail they got into this anti-tank. Not easy to replicate with building blocks, considering how “light” in construction these weapons were in real life. That being said I agree with the other reviewers that it does best being used as a display instead to toy. Unless you children are really good at keeping up with all the little pieces and enjoy rebuilding it over and over. Definitely still the best “block” built gun I have ever seen at this scale.

  4. smb (verified owner)

    Great shipping and service from WB. As far as the gun goes…as stated above…small pieces are a bit difficult to build, but it looks nice with or Opel truck. Worth the money

  5. Mark S (verified owner)

    Nice build, a few parts were tricky but worth it. Super fast shipping. Highly recommend Warbricks!

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