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The Cobi Messerschmitt Me 262A 1a Set (5721) features 382 highly detailed brick parts and colorful, easy to read detailed instructions.  The COBI (5721) Set parts all work perfectly with LEGO and you will be impressed with LEGO quality of COBI sets.  FREE Shipping on orders over $50! Ships fast with tracking number from our Montana USA home business.

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Cobi Messerschmitt Me 262A 1a Set 1/32 Scale (5721)

The Cobi Messerschmitt Me 262A 1a Set (5721) features 390 highly detailed brick parts and colorful, easy to read detailed instructions.  The COBI Me 262 Set parts all work perfectly with LEGO and you will be impressed with the quality of COBI sets.  COBI Sets differ in that they offer many more pieces and the majority of the parts are unique to COBI.  You can learn more about the similarities and differences between COBI and LEGO here.

Both collectors and brick enthusiasts will get hours of enjoyment from this Cobi Messerschmitt Me 262A 1a Set 1:32 scale (5721) .  Whether you are buying to display or play, Cobi Brick sets will not disappoint.  Ships quickly from Billings, MT USA with tracking number.

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Cobi Messerschmitt Me 262A 1a Set (5721) History:

The Messerschmitt Me 262, nicknamed Schwalbe (German: “Swallow”) in fighter versions, or Sturmvogel (German: “Storm Bird”) in fighter-bomber versions, was the world’s first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft. Design work started before World War II began, but problems with engines, metallurgy and top-level interference kept the aircraft from operational status with the Luftwaffe until mid-1944. The Me 262 was faster and more heavily armed than any Allied fighter, including the British jet-powered Gloster Meteor. One of the most advanced aviation designs in operational use during World War II, the Me 262’s roles included light bomber, reconnaissance and experimental night fighter versions.

Me 262 pilots claimed a total of 542 Allied aircraft shot down, although higher claims are sometimes made. The Allies countered its effectiveness in the air by attacking the aircraft on the ground and during takeoff and landing. Strategic materials shortages and design compromises on the Junkers Jumo 004 axial-flow turbojet engines led to reliability problems. Attacks by Allied forces on fuel supplies during the deteriorating late-war situation also reduced the effectiveness of the aircraft as a fighting force. Armament production within Germany was focused on more easily manufactured aircraft. In the end, the Me 262 had a negligible impact on the course of the war as a result of its late introduction and the consequently small numbers put in operational service.

While German use of the aircraft ended with the close of World War II, a small number were operated by the Czechoslovak Air Force until 1951. It also heavily influenced several designs, such as the Sukhoi Su-9 (1946) and Nakajima Kikka. Captured Me 262s were studied and flight-tested by the major powers, and ultimately influenced the designs of post-war aircraft such as the North American F-86 Sabre, MiG-15 and Boeing B-47 Stratojet. Several aircraft survive on static display in museums, and there are several privately built flying reproductions that use modern General Electric J85 engines.

To learn more about the real vehicle that inspired the Cobi Messerschmitt Me 262A 1a Set 1:32 scale (5721) visit the Wikipedia page here.

About Cobi Brick Sets:

Cobi brick sets are compatible with all other top quality brick brands.  Cobi Bricks are made in Poland (European Union) and the sets are full of unique parts made just for adding realism to each set.  These sets may require more attention to build due to the numerous parts and “layered” approach that Cobi Brick sets use.  Cobi Brick sets come with super detailed and easy to use colored instructions.

Don’t see a set you are looking for? Please use the Request a COBI Set Form here.  We are very small and are adding as many sets as possible. If you are willing to pre-order we are usually able to add the set(s) to our net order.  We typically re-order weekly/bi-weekly. is a family owned small business. We stand behind all our products and want you to know that Cobi Bricks are compatible with other top quality building bricks.  We started Warbricks after we saw how much our own children loved playing with Cobi Tanks and airplanes.  We believe your family and loved ones will love them as well.

What to expect when you order:

Once your order is processed, you will receive an email with a tracking number that shows, on a map, where in the country your shipment is!  We always properly represent our inventory and if there is a problem or we make a mistake we will reach out and let you know ASAP!  We try to respond to all customer inquiries quickly but please remember that we are balancing work, school and family life!  You can contact us here or use the chat box on the screen.  We will always try to respond and address your concerns. See our returns policy here.

Regarding pre-orders:

Pre-orders are listed as available once we are a month or so out from receiving the set in question. Please be aware that COBI may change the release date without notice and we will do our best to update.  Pr-order ship dates are best guess and we update once we have a better feeling on the real ship date.

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1:32nd Scale

12 reviews for Cobi Me 262A 1a 1/32 Scale (5721) USA Shop

  1. SMarvin (verified owner)

    A great addition to the model air force.

  2. Steven Newell (verified owner)


  3. Jon Kirk (verified owner)

    Beautiful example of the first fighter jet! Excellent coloring and great design. Feels good in the hand. Very sleek.

  4. wheathug666 (verified owner)

    I love the attention to detail!

  5. Michael MacDaniels (verified owner)

    Waited a while to build this one but my son and I love it. Looks great next to the other version. Recommended for sure!

  6. Alan Tam (verified owner)

    Great set. I always liked how the ME262a looks and this captures it perfectly. I especially like the little oxygen hose that they have for the pilot–definitely a little detail that wasn’t needed but is a nice touch.

  7. K Harris (verified owner)

    It was a bit difficult to put together at first but its held together pretty well so far.

  8. Nathan Stanley (verified owner)

    An amazing model of the Me 262. Way better than the first version of the Me 262 (Cobi 5543). Excellent camo color combination and better proportioned wings. Nice job!

  9. Soobin (verified owner)

    Great set, love the 1:32 scale which is significantly bigger than previous versions. My only complaint is that the wing section is not as sturdy as some of the other Cobi airplanes, but I think that’s an issue we’re seeing with Cobi models generally as they become more and more realistic.

  10. goobersqueaky1 (verified owner)

    Excellent model for a great piece of aviation history. Thanks to warbricks for quick shipping and great prices.

  11. Aaron Zendt

    I’ll echo everyone else, the updated Me-262 is an excellent model, even next to the older version which was really good on its own. The added size and piece count allows for better proportions and details. This is an awesome tribute to an interesting piece of aviation history and I highly recommend it to anyone into WW2 or jet aircraft.

  12. Scott Brickey (verified owner)

    Another great addition to my collection! Outstanding customer service on many occasions since being a customer of WarBricks! Thank you!

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