COBI 15cm Nebelwelfer 41 (2291)

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The COBI 15cm Nebelwelfer 41 (2291), is a new COBI WWII artillery set in 1/35th scale. . The COBI Nebelwelfer 41 set includes one figure and some diorama pieces that will help you build out your new COBI 1/35th scale dioramas.

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COBI 15cm Nebelwelfer 41 (2291)

The COBI 15cm Nebelwelfer 41 (2w91), is a new COBI WWII artillery set in 1/35th scale. We are still waiting for the final part count and pricing but we expect he set to arrive in the USA sometime in May of this year. The COBI Nebelwelfer 41 set includes one figure and some diorama pieces that will help you build out your new COBI 1/35th scale dioramas.

COBI is now focusing on new COBI trains, tanks and buildings in 1/35th scale for complete display dioramas.

German 15cm Nebelwelfer 41 History:

The 15cm Nebelwerfer 41 (abbreviated as “NbW 41”) was a World War II German multiple rocket launcher used for close range combat. It employed the same kind of launch mechanism and fin-stabilized rocket projectiles as the smaller 15cm Nebelwerfer 40, but fired a much larger projectile capable of wreaking havoc on enemy defenses.


The NbW 41 was developed in 1941 by Rheinmetall-Borsig in response to requests by the OKH (Oberkommando des Heeres) for a 15 cm calibre mortar weapons system that could fire both smoke and high explosive shells. Designers decided to incorporate two launch tubes into one unit which offered greater flexibility when responding to multiple targets or situations requiring different munition types.

Design Overview

The finished NbW 41 relied on a two-tube launch frame, with each tube independently pneumatic loaded from behind. Both tubes were mounted in an inclined position on the trailer frame and both could be elevated from horizontal to approximately 60 degrees depending on the desired trajectory required for each shot. Additionally, there were four recoil buffers attached directly to the chassis for stabilization during firing – something not found in many other mortars of its time period.


The NbW 41 saw service on all fronts of WWII from North Africa to Normandy, with some 176 batteries deployed by Germany during this time period alone – with each battery usually consisting of three launchers plus one Command vehicle for simultaneous firing coordination purposes across larger battlefield formations. The weapon’s large payload made it ideal for assisting frontline assaults or defensive operations against advancing enemy troops; its powerful smoke canisters helped obscure approach routes while its high explosive shells wreaked havoc through either direct or blast effect damage upon unprepared defenses


The 15 cm NbW 41 proved so effective during WWII, it was eventually adopted as official German Army ordinance after 1945 under the designation “15 cm Werfer 42” and continued being produced until 1958! Similar designs were later seen being built and employed across Asia; countries such as India, Pakistan and China having all been known users at some level or another over subsequent years since then – testament today that this particular weapon has been regarded many times over as one highly impressive armament system indeed!

Learn more about the real NBW 41 that inspired the COBI 15cm Nebelwelfer 41 (2291) here at Wikipedia.

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1:35th Scale

2 reviews for COBI 15cm Nebelwelfer 41 (2291)

  1. stonejames1128 (verified owner)

    A nice addition to anyone’s afrika korps on a budget I’ve been waiting for cheaper cobi sets to come out for a while and this one is perfect the figure is very detailed for such a small set and the extra palm tree and plate is perfect for moc builders overall really good set

  2. Mark S (verified owner)

    Fun build, super fast shipping.

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