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  • Mould King Modern Bar Architecture Set (16042)

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    The Mould King Modern Bar 16042 Set is a Lego-compatible set that offers the same high quality as Lego bricks. With easy-to-follow detailed instructions and 3,992 Lego quality/compatible pieces, this set allows you to create a modern feeling martini bar setting with a super detailed interior and ambient lighting through the included LED kit.

    Featuring a 2 floor-layer design, the set offers a variety of furniture elements and room styles to bring your bar to life. The set is suitable for ages 8 and above, making it a great gift for adult fans of Lego (AFOL) in your life.

  • Mould King RC Backhoe (17036)

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    The Mould King RC Backhoe (17036) is a technic backhoe set that offers the fun and creativity of Lego construction with the added functionality of remote control. It is a high-quality compatible with Lego brand set, ensuring a seamless integration with other Lego pieces in your collection.

    The MK 17036 Backhoe features over 2,200 lego compatible pieces.

  • Mould King Roman Colosseum (22002)

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    $227.99 Pre-Order Now

    The Mould King Roman Colosseum (22002) is a Lego compatible architecture set that allows you to build and recreate one of the most iconic historical structures, the Roman Colosseum. This impressive Roman Colosseum model captures the grandeur, beauty and terror of the ancient amphitheater, providing a unique and educational building experience. the Roman Colosseum features 6466 pieces and ships free in full retail packaging from our #Billings, #Montana warehouse.

  • Mould King RC Leibherr 13000 Crawler Crane (17015)

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    $199.49 Pre-Order Now

    The Mould King RC Leibherr 13000 Crawler Crane (17015) is a highly detailed and functional Lego compatible crane that brings the world of construction to life. With its remote control capabilities, this Technic crane offers endless hours of fun and creativity. The MK 13000 ships for free from our Billings, Montana Warehouse in full retail packaging.

  • Mould King Heavy Duty Crawler Crane (17002)

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    $227.99 Pre-Order Now

    One of Mould King’s biggest crawler cranes, the Mould King Heavy Duty Crawler Crane (17002) features 4,000 Lego/technic compatible pieces and power functions that allow you to remotely control the crane’s tracks, boom, cables and rotation.  Charge up the included battery pack and start the heavy lifting today!

  • Mould King RC L550 Front End Loader (17026)

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    The Mould King RC L550 Front End Loader (17026) features 1,803 Lego/Technic compatible pieces that are remote controlled via mechanical and pneumatic controls. Lift, dump and drive the MK RC L550 Front End Loader to release stress!

  • Mould King 17007 LTM11200 Remote Control Crane

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    The 2023 Mould King Flagship Model, the 17007(White) and 17008(Red) Liebherr LTM 11200 Remote Controlled Crane, has finally arrived. Every moment of waiting was worth it. This is by far the largest & most feature packed model available anywhere. Standing at over 5 1/4 feet tall and 4 feet long, the Mould King 17007 is going to blow away everything else on the market! You will have bragging rights! Plus, the MK LTM 11200 is fully remote control using both mechanical and pneumatic pistons. This is the most epic Christmas present ever!

    Unleash your inner engineer with this colossal, high-performance crane system. Featuring an impressive assembly of more than 8500 Lego/technic compatible components and over 300 meticulously crafted gears, this engineering masterpiece reaches astonishing heights of up to 160cm/5.25′.

  • Mould King D11 Bulldozer (15071)

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    $85.49 Pre-Order Now

    New for 2023, the Mould King D11 Bulldozer (15071) is a 1,508 piece, lego technic compatible, remote control monster set!!! Designed for ages 14 and up (lets be honest here guys its an adult investment ;). The Mould King D11 features remote control steering, drive, blade angle and lifting as well as rear ripper lift and angle adjustments. A detailed cab and extremely sturdy build make this a must have for your collection! Wait, there is more! The MK Bulldozer also features a manual track adjustment which is super helpful with technic style tracks.

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