New January COBI Pre-orders From Warbricks USA

New January COBI Pre-orders From Warbricks USA

New January COBI Pre-orders From Warbricks USA

We have just updated our New COBI Sets page with four new COBI pre-orders for January! We still don’t know the exact dates that they will arrive so to be safe we marked them as January 30.  These dates fluctuate and we do our best to update as soon as we receive exact information from COBI.

First up is the COBI CH-47 Chinook Set. The COBI Chinook has 815 parts and features COBI’s new military green color bricks.  We are still waiting for detailed images but the box art is available and on the pre-order page.  Anyone else crossing fingers for a detailed interior?

Second up is the COBI HMS Warspite which is a new version! The New COBI Warspite has new features and the box art is on the pre-order page. We are still awaiting final detailed images.

Third is the COBI SD KFZ 2 Kettenkrad Half Track Bike! This is an awesome set to share with friends as it will feature a detailed COBI vehicle with lots of accessories while being priced at under $20.  Great for a first time COBI set!

Fourth up is the new COBI AH-64 Apache Set! this set has a large waitlist already so we expect it to be a big seller! It features 510 parts and once again the new realistic US Military green brick color.  Be sure to check it out!

In other news…..

The New King Tiger and M3 half track sets are due to arrive (if tracking is correct) on Tuesday December 8, 2020. We ordered a handful of extras for each set and we expect them to go fast!

The COBI F15 Eagle set is still listed by COBI as “mid December” so we can only hope and pray that they arrive in time for Christmas but we are not optimistic.

Here is a link to our new Understanding COBI Pre-orders post if you would like to understand how we set them up.


The Warbricks USA Team!


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