COBI TOG II Heavy Tank set

New COBI Sets Arriving Soon!

New COBI Sets Arriving Soon!

Wow! It’s almost the end of January and 2021 is moving fast!

We are happy to announce that we have some new COBI sets arriving soon as well as some awesome COBI news below.

The new COBI CH-47 Chinook and Apache sets were ordered last night and should arrive at our shop sometime next week. The same can be said for the COBI Soviet SU-100 Tank Destroyer.

We understand there are a lot of pre-orders so we will obviously get those out first. Daniel (11) is going to be busy shipping as he is our shipper dude!

David (12) has been super busy adding all the new and exciting sets that COBI has been busy announcing. There are so many that its hard to pick one to feature but we know that COBI collectors are going to be super happy this year with the leaked news that there will be a ……… New 1/35th scale COBI PT-109 Torpedo Boat!

The COBI PT-109 will feature two editions (hoping that the USA will get the special edition) and it will be COBI’s largest set ever with 3700 pieces and a detailed interior. Make sure you join the waitlist for both editions.

Next up are the COBI TOG II Supertank and the COBI Top Gun F-14 Tomcat. Both of these sets have seen a lot of traffic on the site and waitlists are growing.

For the ship folks we obviously have seen a lot of old sets going away to make room for new sets like the COBI Prince Eugene and COBI HMS Belfast. So be sure to get on the waitlists as we are waiting for word on the USA arrival dates for these sets.

As always we appreciate all the support and the kids still get excited when they hear the ka-ching sound from the store app. We have been navigating new waters with the online retail world and we’re a little overwhelmed with the success of this homeschool project and we are trying to keep it fun and positive for the family!

Thanks for everything!

The Warbricks Team

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