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The COBI 1/35 Scale DUKW AMPHIBIA (3110) is a highly detailed brick set replicating a WWII, allied amphibious vehicle. Made in Europe, this set includes 516 Lego compatible pieces and features pad printed markings so there are no messy stickers to deal with. The set also includes scale details like crates and oil drums, just like the real WWII DUKW Amphibia.

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Introducing the COBI DUKW AMPHIBIA in 1/35 Scale (3110) From Your Favorite USA COBI Retailer.

Introducing the COBI DUKW AMPHIBIA in 1/35 Scale, a meticulously designed replica of the iconic WWII allied amphibious vehicle, now available at our USA Store. Proudly made in Poland, EU, this brick scale model of the DUKW boasts exceptional quality parts, crafted from premium European materials, and is fully compatible with LEGO bricks. Say goodbye to messy stickers with its pad printed markings, ensuring a seamless finish and authentic look that will ad gravitas to your WWII brick set collection.

With free spinning wheels, this COBI DUKW AMPHIBIA model offers added playability, allowing you to maneuver it effortlessly across various terrains. Immerse yourself in the rich 1/35th scale details, including scale appropriate accessories like  crates and oil drums, enhancing the value as a collectors item.

This COBI DUKW set includes one mini figure and 508 total pieces. At 1:35 scale, this brick set accurately captures the essence of the original vehicle, making it ideal for both display and play.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an AFOL LEGO collector, or simply seeking a unique addition to your collection, the COBI 3110 DUKW AMPHIBIA Model 3110 is perfect for you. Designed with both adults and young builders in mind, this set requires no messy model glue or paint, like traditional scale model sets, allowing for hassle-free assembly and enjoyment.

Rest assured, your COBI DUKW brick model will arrive safely packaged in its original packaging from our Billings, Montana USA Warehouse. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of history with the COBI DUKW AMPHIBIA Model 3110. Order yours today and embark on an unforgettable brick collecting journey through WWII.

Also consider the COBI 1/35 scale Sherman tank here.

How Big is the COBI DUKW Amphibious Car?

The COBI 3110 D-Day Anniversary DUKW set is 1:35 scale and 10.8″ long 3″ wide and 3.3″ tall. This set will work great for your WWII Lego Dioramas.

COBI DUKW Product Features:

– Made in Europe and includes 508 Lego compatible pieces
– Features pad printed markings so no messy stickers
– Free spinning wheels for added playability
– Tons of scale details like crates and oil drums
– Includes one mini figure
– 1:35 scale brick set replicating a WWII, allied amphibious vehicle
– Great for display or play
– Perfect for collecting
– No messy model glue or paint required
– Made for adults and young builders
– Ships in original packaging from our Billings, Montana USA Warehouse.

DUKW History:

The US DUKW, commonly known as the “Duck,” is an amphibious vehicle that played a crucial role during World War II. Developed by General Motors Corporation in response to the need for a versatile transport vehicle capable of operating both on land and water, the DUKW was based on the company’s successful GMC CCKW 2½-ton 6×6 Army truck.

Introduced in 1942, the DUKW quickly proved its worth in various theaters of war, most notably during the Allied invasions of Normandy and the Pacific island-hopping campaigns. Its ability to traverse both land and water made it invaluable for transporting troops, equipment, and supplies directly from ships to shore, bypassing the need for traditional ports and infrastructure.

After World War II, the DUKW continued to serve in various roles, including civilian use such as tourism, rescue operations, and even as a novelty vehicle for sightseeing tours in coastal cities. Today, the DUKW stands as a symbol of ingenuity and versatility, embodying the innovative spirit of wartime engineering and the indomitable will of the Allied forces during one of the most significant conflicts in human history.

The COBI DUKW is part of COBI’s D-DAY Anniversary series in 1/35th scale. Also consider the COBI Sainte Mare De Iglise architecture set here.


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